Jim Ross on what it would take for Vince McMahon to sell WWE

Jim Ross believes Vince McMahon will not sell WWE in his lifetime, but he could put the structure in place to sell it in the future. The AEW commentator thinks McMahon would not “walk away” from a “smart business deal.”

On his Grilling JR show, the WWE Hall of Famer was asked about rumors of the company being up for sale. He believes Vince McMahon will sell WWE only if his “key players,” i.e. Stephanie McMahon and Triple H, get a good deal from it.

“Well, I think Vince is going to do this till he can’t physically do it anymore. Vince is a great businessman, but if the right offer came along, that would make sure some of his key players are still taken care of, like Hunter (Triple H) and Stephanie (McMahon), I don’t have any doubt in my mind that he wouldn’t sell because it will be a billion-dollar plus deal. That would set up his grandchildren and his grandchildren’s grandchildren. So, he’s a smart businessman in other words. But I don’t think that in his lifetime he would be interested in selling, but I think he would be interested in putting the structure in place to sell,” said Jim Ross about Vince McMahon selling WWE.

Jim Ross believes WWE is sellable and the sale of WWE would be one of the biggest buyouts in entertainment history. The former WWE commentator stated that WWE may not be for sale, but it could be buyable.

Speculation of the sale of WWE has grown over the last year

WWE has made a few decisions that have led many to believe that a sale is imminent.

The most glaring decision that the Vince McMahon-run company has made is the release of on-screen talent and backstage employees, as well as those that work in the office.

The budget cuts made by WWE were a way to increase profit and keep their stock price high, which has led to speculation about a potential sale in the near future.

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On a recent episode of Smack Talk, wrestling legend Dutch Mantell spoke to Sportskeeda’s Sid Pullar III about WWE releases and the potential sale of the company.

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