Who is Millie Taplin? Viral video of an 18-year old teen whose drink was spiked leaves the internet horrified 

18-year-old Millie Taplin recently went viral following her first time at a Southend, England, nightclub. Taplin ingested a spiked drink at the club and reported that she felt hot and sick before her vision blurred.

She was escorted from the nightclub by friends to the hospital, where she experienced traumatic side effects from the mysterious beverage.

Millie Taplin recalled:

“I was sick in the alleyway opposite and that when I couldn’t see properly, I couldn’t feel my hands. I knew that I wasn’t right, I was trying to speak and was stuttering and mumbling. My friends then phoned my sister and I had to be carried to the car and taken to A&E. In my head, I was there but in my body, I wasn’t. I’ve never felt like that. The doctors were really supportive and trying to calm me down…I couldn’t really walk with, they had to get a wheelchair for me, it was like I was trying to move my legs but they weren’t moving.”

Taplin was in a frozen state upon arrival at the hospital. Her hands were locked above her chest, and she was seen grinding her teeth in a video shared online by Sky News.

Disclaimer: The following video may be distressing for some.

Millie Taplin’s recovery

Millie Taplin’s mother, Claire, shared the video originally of her daughter as a cautionary tale for some. She captioned:

“This is what being spiked looks like please be careful when out, my daughter was lucky she had good friends that acted accordingly. Share this post to make people aware.”

Shelagh Fogarty from LBC recently discussed the situation with Millie Taplin. In a clip shared on Twitter, Fogarty’s guest Dawn Dines called the situation “brutal.”

Fogarty asked,

“How will she ever go out and enjoy herself again after that?”

Following the original video, many netizens shared their support for Taplin and her family during that time.

One user commented:

“I hope she’s doing okay. I’m so sorry about these people. How is she? How are you?”

Millie Taplin has since been released from the hospital and has recovered physically. At this time, no arrests have been made over the situation.

A spokesperson for the nightclub stated:

“The alleged drink spiked appears to have been given by someone known to the victim…we are assisting the police who are dealing with the matter.”

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