Valorant’s Sage players are facing a bug that is making corpses disappear, denying them a target to revive

Sage’s ultimate ability, which allows her to revive fallen allies, can be a game-changer in many situations and is one of the reasons why she is so highly favored in many of Valorant team compositions.

Resurrection can turn the tides of battle when used at the right time. It allows teams a strategic advantage to gain an extra man in a fight, especially when defending or attacking a site during a pre/post-plant situation.

However, to channel the revival, Sage needs to lock on to the fallen body of an ally with the ability. But some Valorant players have discovered a bug making corpses disappear and making it impossible for Sage players to channel their ultimate ability.

In a recent Reddit post, the Valorant player u/TriggerHappy0071 uploaded a video that shows how game-breaking the bug can be in certain situations.

The player erects a barrier and tries activating the ultimate on a fallen Reyna to find out that the corpse is no longer there, and in no way will Resurrection lock onto something and start channeling.

How to fix the “corpse bug” in Valorant

Looking at the total upvotes and the number of comments in the thread, it’s safe to assume that many in the Valorant community have been facing this issue for quite some time now.

But before Riot can completely patch out the issue, the community has suggested some fixes to resolve the matter.

One of the most potent ones is to disable corpses from the game. Now to get this done, here are a few steps that Valorant players can follow:

  • Go to the Valorant in-game of client settings
  • Then go to the general tab and scroll down to the “Show corpse” option
  • Disable the option to show corpses

By doing this, Valorant players are effectively turning off showing fallen bodies and replacing them with the corresponding Agent icons. This counters the bug quite effectively and will allow Sage’s ability to lock onto those icons and start channelizing.

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