Riot is deactivating League of Legends’ online match history

Riot Games has officially announced that League of Legends’ web match history database will permanently be deactivated on September 7.

Riot Games’ internal survey inferred that very few players use their official Match History website. The company’s communications lead Paul “RiotAether” Perscheid said on a recent dev blog:

“Web match history is in a similar situation as Clubs was: Community sites have done amazing things with the match data provided by our APIs, far surpassing our site. So, as with Clubs, we’re going to fully hand things over to these experts. On September 7 around 10:00 AM PST, the League Web Match History site will be permanently taken offline.”

The League of Legends client site will still have a record of the player’s match history. As confirmed by RiotAether, Riot won’t be revoking third-party access to match history data anytime soon.

The Dev Relations team will, however, be working on a new service where the complete game will be in transit in the future. They will also continue to support third-party sites during this phase.

Riot is “creating a solution” that would facilitate easy-fetching of League of Legends data for esports sites

Riot is working on a solution for esports sites that would improve the way of data fetching (Image via Riot Games - League of Legends)
Riot is working on a solution for esports sites that would improve the way of data fetching (Image via Riot Games – League of Legends)

Last April, there were plenty of rumors about the possible deactivation of League of Legends’ web match history. The news created a lot of annoyance among esports writers and data analysts across the globe.

Various stat-based websites like Leaguepedia and Oracle’s Elixir use Riot’s access control point system connected to the players’ online match history. Thus, the deactivation of this feature would result in an abrupt breakdown of these sites.

These active information-based websites have been a source of bread and butter for many esports journalists and professional teams. They regularly collect vital information about various players, squads, articles, and scouting. As such, RiotAether assured:

“We’re also creating a solution for esports sites that should be an improvement to how they currently get data.”

Riot also listed bookmarking sites like,, and Mobalytics, in case anyone needs to use stat-based data during the phase of transition.

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