How to get chainmail armor in Minecraft

Minecraft has several versions of craftable armor: leather, gold, iron, diamond and Netherite. These can all be crafted by using the materials they are named after or by using the material to upgrade other armor (in the case of Netherite). There is one more type of armor, though it is much harder to come by, Chainmail armor. Chainmail armor is not yet craftable in Minecraft at the time of writing.

Chainmail armor offers Minecraft players medium protection, which is stronger than leather or gold armor but weaker than iron. Here’s how to get it in Minecraft.

Getting chainmail armor in Minecraft

Chainmail cannot be crafted without the use of modifications as of now. Vanilla Minecraft players have no way of crafting it, only obtaining it through the game’s natural methods.

It doesn’t happen very often, but a mob can drop a chainmail armor item. Zombies are the best chance for this. Unfortunately, this is the only other way to obtain chainmail armor besides finding it in buried treasure or trading with villagers. Even these methods are pretty rare.

Armorer villagers can have chainmail for trade, but will usually demand very expensive trades for these pieces. A chainmail chest plate can cost up to 14 emeralds, which is a lot for such a medium quality piece of armor. Champion of the village, or if it is a cured zombie villager, can help lower the cost.

An armorer villager can have trades for chainmail armor. (Image via Minecraft)
An armorer villager can have trades for chainmail armor. (Image via Minecraft)

Only Bedrock Edition players can acquire chainmail armor through a Buried Treasure chest. Buried treasure can be found with a map acquired in ocean ruins or a shipwreck.

Each piece of chainmail armor, helmet, chest plate, leggings and boots, has a 57.2% chance of spawning in a treasure chest. This represents the best opportunity to find chainmail in the game, though buried treasure can be difficult to find.

These are currently the only ways to acquire chainmail armor in Minecraft. Unfortunately, its rarity combined with its quality makes it an item that most players don’t even bother with.

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