What is a waiver order in fantasy football?

Fantasy football is back (if you can get the app running) and so are doubts regarding terms such as a waiver order. For those of you looking for a primer on what it means, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s what the waiver order means and how you can use it.

The waiver order in fantasy football

Waiver order puts a temporary lock on a player not yet claimed. It allows every fantasy football manager to make a claim on that player. The waiver order remains for a certain period until at the end of the period when all claims are actioned and the Fantasy Football manager with the highest priority waiver order claims the player. The waivers clear at 3 PM ET.

The amount of time a player must spend on fantasy football before the waiver order is processed is known as the waiver period. No waiver is the default setting for all players. In this case, the player is automatically a free agent who is then signed by a particular manager.

Owners can place a waiver claim on a player from the available group, but have to wait for the clearance period. This group generally includes unsigned or undrafted players. The default waiver order is the inverse of the draft order, but becomes the inverse of the league standings on the Tuesday after the first matchday.

In fantasy football, all the managers have a waiver order priority rank. The highest priority fantasy football managers have their waiver order processed first. The priority is based on the league position. The league draft determines the initial position. Live drafts give priority as per the inverted order of the draft. In offline drafts, the last person to register gets the first priority.

What is the NFL Waiver Wire?

The NFL Waiver Wire is a process through which an owner can submit a claim for a player who was cut by another owner. The time period for this wire is usually 24 hours within the player being cut. To elaborate, if a player is cut today, the waiver wire period runs until tomorrow.

Thus, in effect, the waiver order in fantasy football is very similar to what happens in the real world of football. A player cut has to wait for all owners to bid and claim them off the waiver list as per priority instead of directly becoming a free agent and signing with the first team to approach.

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