Michael Bisping weighs in on the Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor and Machine Gun Kelly recently had an altercation at the MTV Video Music Awards. Michael Bisping has now weighed in on the beef between McGregor and MGK.

According to Bisping, Conor McGregor was crazy to have engaged in a scuffle during an awards function. ‘The Count’ also believes that anybody in their right mind would not be interested in taking a picture with the rapper.

Speaking about Conor McGregor, Michael Bisping told his son Callum on an Instagram Live for the Fight Club channel:

“It means Conor was out of mind last night. There’s not a beef. I’m having my cup of coffee, I saw it last night. when I went to bed. I’m having my cup of coffee this morning and I’m scrolling and I saw, I forgot what website it was and they added an eyewitness. Now you never know, maybe the eyewitness is full of sh*t.”

“The eyewitness account that I read said that he went up to Machine Gun Kelly, I feel like an idiot even saying that sentence… He went up and said, ‘Hey Machine Gun Kelly, how are you there?’ So he went up and tried to get a picture apparently and his security, Kelly’s security kind of shoved him away. And that’s when Conor sh*t the bed. Who in the right mind, what self-respecting man asks Machine Gun Kelly for a picture? That’s what I wanna know.”

Catch Michael and Callum Bisping’s discussion in the video below:

The beef between Conor McGregor and Machine Gun Kelly

Conor McGregor and Machine Gun Kelly were both on the MTV Video Music Awards red carpet at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Things turned heated between the pair.

According to sources, McGregor asked MGK for a photo. After Kelly allegedly refused, the interaction apparently escalated when the rapper pushed the UFC star.

Watch the scuffle in the video below:

Conor McGregor seemingly retaliated by chucking the rest of his drink at Kelly and his girlfriend Megan Fox. Their respective teams broke it up before things got really ugly. McGregor was also given his walking cane back, which he lost during the scuffle.

However, Conor McGregor has downplayed the incident and his spokesperson Karen Kessler denied his involvement in any incident.

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