Tom Brady trolls Falcons 

Tom Brady is living his best life

After starring in the Bucs’ 31-29 victory, Tom Brady continues to show his fun side. Brady starred in a new bitcoin commercial, and how he’s decided to subtly troll the Atlanta Falcons over their meltdown at Superbowl 51.

The Bucs take on the Falcons in Week 2. It is the first divisional battle between these two divisional rivals. In the video, the clock on Brady’s computer reads 3:28 in a reference to the Falcons’ collapse in Superbowl 51.

Brady, of course, led the Patriots in that epic comeback, and he is still living inside the heads of Falcons fans. The video also demonstrates how much Brady is enjoying life away from the Patriots.

The Patriot Way became tiresome for the seven-time Superbowl champion. The freedom to be himself is providing the former Patriots quarterback with a new outlook on life.

He looks younger, fresher, and happier. All of that is encapsulated in the trolling video. Brady is also confirming just how relaxed the Bucs are before a big divisional game.

It certainly wouldn’t have been allowed at 1 Patriot Place. The Bucs are in a fantastic space right now. The team is loose and relaxed, they aren’t feeling the pressure and they can’t wait to take on a Falcons team that played poorly in Week 1.

Brady knows the role that NFL fans have cast him in. He is the loveable villain, a never-ending bad guy that no one can help but respect. The Bucs are reaping the rewards of Brady’s newfound calm outlook.

The pressure is on the Bucs’ opponents. Bruce Arians’ team is happy with a target on their back. Brady played with a target on his back for 20 years. He’s used to it, and he’s relishing it.

As for the Falcons, no one will ever forget the Superbowl collapse. Now that Brady is in the division, it’ll be a constant reminder. All they can do is go out on the field and defeat the Buccaneers.

That is easier said than done against Brady and the reigning champions. They are having fun and enjoying the moment. Brady might only be getting started with the torment of the Falcons.

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