Urban Meyer to USC? NFL fans link Jaguars HC to replace fired Clay Helton

Urban Meyer’s NFL career did not start as he expected. His Jacksonville Jaguars suffered a humiliating defeat against the Houston Texans. Trevor Lawrence’s debut, the best prospect in the quarterback position since Andrew Luck in 2012, and facing the unanimous worst team in the NFL, everyone expected the Jags to win. The Texans won 37-21.

After such a rocky start and a day after USC fired head coach Clay Helton, fans began to wonder…

Urban Meyer to USC?

Trojans fans want it. They have desired it since last season, and Meyer’s hiring by the Jaguars devastated them.

There’s only one person who did not embark on Meyer’s hype train, Carol Folt, and at the end of the day, she is the only one that matters.


Well, because Folt is the President of the University of Southern California. Meaning she is the one with the pen.

Why Folt does not like Meyer

Folt is not fond of Meyer because of the head coach’s past behavior.

Folt’s most significant problem with Meyer originated from hiring an abusive former assistant, Zach Smith. Ultimately, Ohio State fired and blackballed Smith.

It is also important to note and remember that USC hired Carol Folt as the university President to eliminate ethical and disciplinary problems. Folt believes Meyer’s track record of misdeeds with the Florida Gators will stay in the way of her mission.

Also, Meyer retired twice because of health issues—he came back twice for the next gig, and that’s something that Folt can’t accept.

Urban Meyer and the Jacksonville Jaguars

In this whole USC-Meyer story, it is also important to remember that Urban Meyer is with the Jacksonville Jaguars for only one game.

It was not beautiful, far from it. It was a hideous loss, but it was Meyer’s first game in the NFL. It was also Lawrence’s first game in the NFL. No one expected it to be that ugly, but did anyone expect it to be perfect and make the team Super Bowl contenders and Lawrence an MVP?

The answer to this question has to be a resonant “no.”

Urban Meyer is not going to USC. He only lost one game in the NFL, and the university’s President is not fond of him.

However, if the Jags start to lose too many in a row and Meyer judges that there’s nothing he can do to save the boat, then…


Of course, while nothing is certain, fans can enjoy their day on Twitter.

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