Jim Cornette slams Jon Moxley’s match on AEW Dynamite

Jim Cornette lambasted Jon Moxley’s match against NJPW legend Minoru Suzuki, stating that the entire playout looked ‘phony.’

While speaking on his podcast, The Jim Cornette Experience, the legendary manager stated that it felt absurd to have a Japanese star brutalize a top-tier wrestler of AEW on American television. He also took a shot at both men for faking their punches to make it look like shoot-style wrestling:

“This cult figure from Japan that has an ardent and small following is on national TV in America beating up a former WWE Champion, who is supposed to be one of the big stars of their company. And then Moxley through a couple of shoot punches since they’re supposed to be shooting, and this is supposed to be shoot-style wrestling, and all of it looked phony. He threw the shoot punches, one of which looked like a potato. The second one missed completely and then grabbed Suzuki and gave him a regular double arm suplex and just dropped him over flat of his back. That was the finish one two three.” Cornette revealed.

Jim Cornette stated that Jon Moxley’s Paradigm Shift wasn’t impressive. He added that Mox’s celebration with the crowd at the end of the show was much better than his match with Suzuki:

“So he beat this feared shooter with a regular double-arm suplex that wasn’t even that impressive for a double arm suplex. And then he left the ring and went out into the crowd and luxuriated in his hometown love because he went all over the arena from one side to the other for a while because apparently, they went home with a lot of time still left on television, and him in the crowd was better than that ugly f*cking match,” Jim Cornette said.

The aftermath of the clash between Jon Moxley and Minoru Suzuki received critical remarks from social media. There’s no doubt that both men didn’t sell each other’s moves and even botched their finishing maneuvers.

Fans even lashed out at AEW for cutting Suzuki’s entrance theme part, where people sing along to the quotes “Kaze Ni Nare.”

Jon Moxley will be in a tag team action on this week’s AEW Dynamite

Before Moxley & Kingston answer for The Suzuki Incident, what Suzuki-gun @suzuki_D_minoru + Lance Archer perceived as disrespect last week to the legend Suzuki, tomorrow night Mox & Eddie will try to settle the score for last month’s savage attack by 2point0 LIVE on #AEWDynamite! https://t.co/bzeysVRF6u

A tag team match pitting the duo of Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston against 2point0 will take place on this week’s AEW Dynamite. Both teams have already battled multiple times against each other in the past.

Mox and Mad King have dominated Parker and Lee on every occasion. It remains to be seen if their impending match will have a different outcome or not.

Do you think Jon Moxley’s match against Suzuki didn’t live up to the way it was anticipated? Sound off in the comments section below.

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