Tito Ortiz says he apologized to Anderson Silva for his comments about Bruce Lee

In what could only be described as a pleasant change of pace, Tito Ortiz recently took to social media in a bid to apologize to Anderson Silva. ‘The Spider’ knocked Ortiz out last weekend in a boxing match

The apology came after the former UFC light heavyweight champion made comments about Silva’s fighting style resembling that of Bruce Lee.

Tito Ortiz took to social media in a bid to release a tell-all after what went down at the recent Triller pay-per-view. Referring to their pre-fight media scrum, Ortiz admitted that he regretted how he handled things.

Although he claimed that he was only trying to sell the fight, he went on to say that he should have avoided unnecessary conflict.

“I tried to sell the fight, talking about Bruce Lee. I should’ve never said the things that I said. I apologized to him about that. But once again, you know, when you’re caught in the moment and you’re in a position, trying to sell a fight. As I always do, I wore my heart on my sleeve. That’s the way I am, that’s who I am. And I will never change that,” declared Tito Ortiz.

Catch Tito Ortiz’s comments in the Instagram upload below:

Tito Ortiz reveals the respect he shares with Anderson Silva

In the same video, Tito Ortiz went on to detail the flight seat mix-up that occurred before his boxing debut last weekend.

‘The Huntington Beach Bad Boy’ revealed that Anderson Silva graciously offered to switch seats with his fiance and shared a few nice words.

“Anderson went out of his way and gave up his seat because I was sitting right next to him in first class. And he gave up his seat for my fiance. So Anderson and I have nothing but respect. We talked for a little bit after the flight. He said, ‘I have nothing but respect for you, Tito. I’ve always respected you.’ And I said the same thing,” admitted Tito Ortiz.

The former UFC stars have certainly earned fans’ respect with the way they handled themselves in the aftermath of their fight. It is heartwarming that they share a degree of respect for each other as well.

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