Which GTA Online property has the biggest garage?

GTA Online’s office garages are properties with the largest vehicle capacity in the garage.

Of course, that statement only applies to players who purchase all garage floors. Still, individual GTA Online office garage floors can have up to 20 vehicles. The closest competitor is the Nightclub, which has a vehicle capacity of 36. Otherwise, office garages dwarf all other properties when it comes to vehicle capacity.

These additional garages aren’t cheap, either. The first floor costs $1,150,000, whereas the second and third cost $855,000 and $745,000, respectively. Players need to spend $2,750,000 to get the most extensive garage in GTA Online. If one purchases all three floors, they will find that they now have a vehicle capacity of 60 (20 per floor).

Which GTA Online property has the biggest garage?

A player purchasing an office garage in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)
A player purchasing an office garage in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)

Any office should suffice when it comes to buying additional garage floors in GTA Online. The maximum vehicle capacity of 60 is gargantuan compared to most other garages. By comparison, the best standalone garages have a capacity of 10. Here are the vehicle capacities of the other properties:

  • 36 (Nightclub)
  • 31 (Arena Workshop)
  • 12 (Facility)
  • 10 (Auto Shop)
  • 10 (Arcades)
  • 10 (Penthouse)
  • 10 motorcycles only (MC Clubhouse)
  • 10 (High-end apartments)

A few other properties have a vehicle capacity of less than 10.

How to purchase additional garages

Use a phone or a computer to open up the internet in GTA Online. Click the on-screen items in the following order:

  1. Dynasty 8 Executive
  2. Enter Site
  3. An office property (the one the player should own)
  4. Buy from: $1,150,000
  5. Office Garage 2
  6. Buy Garage
  7. Office Garage 3
  8. Buy Garage
  9. (Optional) Any Custom Auto Shop
  10. Buy $2,750,000 (more if the Custom Auto Shop is included)

The GTA Online player should now have the largest possible garage in the game. As individual garage floors have a vehicle capacity of 20, this garage has a maximum vehicle capacity of 60.

Minor notes about office garages

A player's office garage (Image via Rockstar Games)
A player’s office garage (Image via Rockstar Games)

The bottom level of these garages stores six cars, whereas the following two levels store seven. All three garages feature the same layout. There is also a daily fee of $50 per garage ($150 in total).

The Custom Auto Shop doesn’t store vehicles, but it allows GTA Online players to customize them. It’s nigh identical to Benny’s Original Motor Works and Los Santos Customs in this regard. The main difference is that players cannot sell vehicles or add explosives to them.

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