How to get skins and other items for free

The developers of Free Fire do not hold back when it comes to introducing events, and a plethora of events are routinely added to the battle royale title. They usually provide players with large discounts on things, and some events even give them free rewards.

As a result, players usually wait for events to get their hands on numerous freebies. Some of the ongoing ones offer skins, bundles and other items. Here’s a rundown of what they are.

Free Fire: Today’s free skins and other items and how to acquire them

Top-up event

Sensei Tig top-up (Image via Free Fire)
Sensei Tig top-up (Image via Free Fire)

Sensei Tig has finally been introduced to the Indian server. It has been made a part of the new top-up event, which started on September 22 and will last until September 28. Users have to purchase a set quantity of diamonds to receive the pet and other rewards for free.

The details of the top-up event are as follows:

  • Purchase 100 diamonds to get Sensei Tig
  • Purchase 300 diamonds to get Pet Skin: Ice Sensei Tig
  • Purchase 500 diamonds to get Pet Skin: Fire Sensei Tig and Show off (pet action)

Moco Jump

Moco Jump (Image via Free Fire)
Moco Jump (Image via Free Fire)

In Moco Jump, players have to play a minigame, in which they have to dodge obstacles and collect points. Two different modes are offered to them – Origin and Virus Invade (1.7x bonus points per run).

The main reward for the Moco Jump event is the Glo Drone backpack. To obtain all the prizes, users will have to collect a total of 12,000 points.

Coder’s Crib

Coder's Crib (Image via Free Fire)
Coder’s Crib (Image via Free Fire)

Coder’s Crib began on September 10 and will end soon, i.e., on September 26. During the event, users must gather M Coins by playing the Pew Pew Pew minigame with the Coder Cube C1 token.

Once they have amassed a certain quantity of M Coins, they will be able to claim various items from the Horizon Store, such as the Cosmic Teleportia Bundle and Cyber Falco pet skin.

Max is Here

Max is Here (Image via Free Fire)
Max is Here (Image via Free Fire)

To commemorate the upcoming release of Free Fire Max, another event named “Max is Here” has started in the game. Here are the specifics of the missions that players need to complete:

  • Play one game with friends: 1x Room Card
  • Play three games with friends: 2x Weapon Royale Voucher
  • Eliminate 10 enemies: 3x Hurricane Delivery Weapon Loot Crate
  • One booyah: AWM Duke Swallowtail (14 days)

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