Apex Legends players demand melee mechanics to be fixed

Apex Legends has gained popularity for many reasons, including the mechanics in the game. The run-and-gun play style allows players to make advanced movements which makes this a fan-favorite battle royale game. However, players have found an issue and expect some overhauling to the melee mechanics.

Players, while performing the melee, deal 30 damage every time they strike an enemy accurately. Players perform melee when they don’t have a weapon or when they deal enough damage to knock the enemy with one melee attack during close-range gunfights.

Melee is extremely useful in the game, and players have noticed the mechanics for melee are quite inconsistent, while some are even calling it ‘broken.’

Apex Legends players point out flaws in melee mechanics

Apex Legends has been receiving great plaudits for its mechanics ever since the launch of the game. Players can make endless slides and not take fall damage while jumping or falling from certain heights. However, players are facing inconsistencies when it comes to melee mechanics in Apex Legends.

Melee has been present since the game’s launch, in which each player deals 30 damage when striking an enemy. But the melee mechanics are quite capricious, and players are not able to ascertain the factors that determine the success of landing a melee. Players have also complained about the recovery while meleeing as the HUD is very distorted.

Reddit users u/alonfco and u/LWF1shburne have uploaded clips on Reddit that garnered a lot of attention in the Apex Legends community. These clips show the two opposite ends of a spectrum of inconsistent melee mechanics.

One player is unable to land a single melee when the enemy is in point-blank range. The other player manages to land a melee on an enemy who is far away and moving towards a rock to take cover from the player.

These clips have received a lot of attention in the Apex Legends community. The player base is clearly looking for a fix from the devs at Respawn Entertainment. While this may be the case, Respawn is yet to issue a statement on the problems pointed out by the Apex Legends community.

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