AEW Dark: Elevation Results (27th September 2021)

Welcome to the coverage of AEW Dark: Elevation episode 30. The show was taped at Arthur Ashe Stadium, so it was in the same venue as the Grand Slam editions of Dynamite and Rampage.

Monday’s episode featured just three matches, but the show was loaded with video packages and interviews from Grand Slam.

A big name rapper showed up to help Tony Khan while a seven-time world champion in WWE made his AEW Dark: Elevation in-ring debut. Multiple superstars were shown backstage after their Grand Slam matches. Without delay, let’s jump into it.

Thunder Rosa vs. Kayla Sparks on AEW Dark: Elevation

Thunder Rosa immediately got backed into the corner by the AEW debutant, who proceeded to slap her. The former NWA Women’s Champion dropkicked Sparks and dropped her with an arm drag.

Sparks clubbed and stomped on Rosa in the corner as the latter came back hit a flying elbow. She hit a sliding lariat and a senton splash on Sparks.

Rosa had Kayla leaning against the ropes and hit back-to-back double stomps on Kayla. A Thunder Driver later, Rosa emerged victorious.

Result: Thunder Rosa def. Kayla Sparks

Grade: D

Dark Order vs. Dean Alexander, Kevin Tibbs, Eric James, and TJ Crawford on AEW Dark: Elevation

John Silver and TJ Crawford started the match, and Silver tossed his opponent around before dropping him with a back body drop. Kevin Tibbs and 10 tagged in, and the latter hit a German Suplex.

Alan Angels and Eric James came in, and the Dark Order member hit an assisted hurricanrana. Angels hit a dropkick and went for an early cover.

Dean Alexander broke the pin, which distracted Angels. All four of his opponents tried to jump him, but the Dark Order took all of them out.

Alexander tagged Tibbs in, who hit a double stomp. Angels fought out of the corner and tagged in Alex Reynolds, who hit a flying elbow and a dropkick. Reynolds hit a Kravat Suplex and a double underhook gutbuster. John Silver went on a flurry on the outside, taking everyone out.

All members of the Dark Order hit their moves on Eric James, the legal member, before 10 made him submit with the Full Nelson.

Result: Dark Order def. Dean Alexander, Kevin Tibbs, Eric James, and TJ Crawford

Grade: C

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