AEW News: Jim Cornette blasts Cody Rhodes’ wife Brandi Rhodes for appearing on Dynamite

Jim Cornette is not a fan of AEW EVP Cody Rhodes’ wife Brandi Rhodes appearing on Dynamite’s Grand Slam edition. He made that very clear on his podcast.

Cody Rhodes showed up at Arthur Ashe Stadium, courted by his wife Brandi and manager Arn Anderson, to wrestle in AEW for the first time since early August. During his match against Malakai Black, the American Nightmare, despite being the babyface, was heavily booed.

Former Midnight Express manager Jim Cornette feels a big part of that dislike fans had for Cody Rhodes was because his wife Brandi Rhodes is getting “shoehorned” into everything he does.

“The only thing they [AEW fans] wanted to see was Cody getting kicked, and I don’t think they wanted to see Brandi get kicked, I just think they didn’t wanna see her at all. Don’t tell her to go out and act any way, just tell her to go out and be herself and you’ll have so much heat you won’t know what to do. There will be snipers in the building. Everybody can see Brandi is just being shoehorned into the picture wherever because she has to be on television whether there is any applicable reason for her to be there or not and she’s not a good wrestler. The only good promo she gave in her life was against Jade Cargill and people can tell she’s there because she’s his wife. For a heel it would work, for a face it hasn’t,” Jim Cornette said.

Jim Cornette believes Cody Rhodes was the hottest heel at AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam

Malakai Black beat Cody Rhodes after spitting some black substance into Cody’s face and an inside cradle. The fans were fine with that result since they booed Cody for most of the match even though Cody was the face. #AEWDynamite

As mentioned above, Cody Rhodes was booed heavily during his match at Arthur Ashe, and Jim Cornette stated that he was the hottest heel on the entire show.

“No wonder the crowd was booing every breath that Cody Rhodes took in the match. This was it. This was the one where they (AEW) couldn’t mute the sound, they couldn’t talk their way out of it. Everything that Malakai Black did, the people came unglued. Everything that Cody did, it was like 20,000 fans at the same time had seen some stranger break into their house. They hated it! The only thing they wanted to see was Cody getting kicked. So with this situation, Malakai Black was a raving babyface, and Cody Rhodes was the hottest heel on the show,” said Jim Cornette.

Jim Cornette has been a harsh critic of AEW throughout the company’s run, but his assessment of Cody Rhodes vs Malakai Black seems spot on considering he had major heat in New York.

Do you believe Jim Cornette went overboard with his criticism of Brandi Rhodes? Would you like to see Cody Rhodes turn heel in AEW? Let us know in the comments.

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