Alpha 7 Esports crowned champions of PMPL Season 2 Brazil league stage

The third super weekend of the league stage of the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL): Season 2 Brazil ended yesterday. Alpha7 Esports, a dominant name in Brazilian PUBG Mobile esports, emerged as the winners.

The team dominated the league stage, securing the top spot in the three super weekends and accumulating 664 points, with a whopping 329 eliminations. Alpha7 also secured 13 Chicken Dinners in three weeks.

PMPL Season 2 Brazil league Stage overall standings (top ten)
PMPL Season 2 Brazil league Stage overall standings (top ten)

Following them in second place was Influence Rage, who played exceptionally well and secured 437 points with 212 kills. The team had six Chicken Dinners overall.

The third place in the league stage was claimed by B4 Esports, showing their consistency to amass 424 points with 196 kills. Loops Esports secured fourth place.

PMPL Season 2 Brazil league Stage overall standings (top ten)
PMPL Season 2 Brazil league Stage overall standings (bottom ten)

Each team in the league stage was awarded $5000. The top 16 teams from here also qualified for the finals of the PMPL Season 2 Brazil.

These sides will now fight between 1 and 3 October for a prize of $50,000 and allocations to the PMPL Season 2 Americas.

Qualified teams for PMPL Season 2 Brazil finals

  1. Alpha 7 Esports
  2. Influence Rage
  3. B4 Esports
  4. Loops Esports
  5. INTZ Esports
  6. Black Dragon e-Sports
  7. Honoured Souls
  8. Ground Zero Mercenaries
  9. SS e-Sports
  10. Vivo Keyd
  11. Red Candids
  12. Rise Esports
  13. Quick Revenge
  14. Storm Gaming
  15. Flamengo Esports
  16. Inco Gaming

The bottom four teams, i.e., Santos Esports, Team Codasoild, ACE1, and Dreamy Team, failed to qualify for the finals. These sides will look to reflect on their performance and bounce back stronger in the next split.

In the race to be the Brazilian representatives at the PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021, Alpha7 Esports is leading the charts with 1440 points. The team has a 426-point lead over second-placed B4 Esports, who have 1014 points.

A7 Esports look set to qualify to the PMGC 2021, lest B4 Esports pull off some kind of miracle in the finals. It will prove to be an intriguing affair, and fans are intrigued to see which three teams qualify for the PMPL Season 2 Americas.

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