How to buy the auto shop in GTA Online

Auto Shops are a helpful feature in GTA Online, yet some players are having trouble finding them.

The Los Santos Tuners update mainly focuses on high-speed vehicles. With that in mind, players can now buy Auto Shops. These properties have several different uses. Owners can do anything from repairs to modifications. They can even partake in criminal activities.

Auto Shops can be purchased from a phone. However, players have to meet certain conditions. They should save a lot of money before buying an Auto Shop, as it can be quite expensive.

Buying the auto shop in GTA Online: A basic guide

There are five Auto Shops in total. However, GTA Online players won’t have access to them right away. They first need to go to the LS Car Meet. It will show up as LS on the mini-map. Unsurprisingly, players will spend a lot of money on these endeavors.

Go to the LS Car Meet

The LS Car Meet can be found at Cypress Flats. Here, GTA Online players have to meet a character known as Mimi. Afterwards, they can buy the Auto Shops at the Maze Bank Foreclosures website. In this case, LS Car Meet membership is not required.

Here is the list of Auto Shops from GTA Online. The list will go from the most expensive to the cheapest:

  • La Mesa ($1,920,000)
  • Burton ($1,830,000)
  • Rancho ($1,750,000)
  • Strawberry ($1,705,000)
  • Mission Row ($1,670,000)

Kenny Dixon Jr. (KDJ) will give players a text afterwards. They will have to undergo a setup mission which entails retrieving a Tailgater S. To activate this job, players must register as a CEO, VIP, or MC Club President.

What can Auto Shops do in GTA Online?

Auto Shops offer both legitimate and illegitimate businesses. Here are the ones to look out for on GTA Online:

  • Auto Shop Management: Players can access the Auto Shop, as well as invite others
  • Auto Shop Service: Owners can repair and modify various cars for a reward
  • Mod Shop: Players can modify their own vehicles
  • Contract Missions: These are mini-heists with setup missions
  • Exotic Exports: Player can steal listed vehicles

Players can also customize their Auto Shops however they see fit. They can alternate between different styles and tints. Players can also use custom emblems to represent themselves.

Last but not least, they can also hire new staff members which will speed up overall production.

Players should try to avoid the daily fees

Normally, the Auto Shops cost $250. That’s not much in the grand scheme of GTA Online. However, most players have to pay daily fees for other businesses. It can add up to an exorbitant amount.

The solution is to find a new session every 48 minutes. This will reset the daily fees. Suffice to say, GTA Online players will find this considerably useful. This is applicable to Auto Shops and similar business ventures.

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