SXG wins Apex Legends Global Series North American Qualifier 2

The Apex Legends Global Series is one of the most exciting competitive tournaments at the moment. The North American Qualifiers 2 recently wrapped up, and the winners of each qualifier join the teams that will battle it out in the Pro League.

SXG won the Apex Legends North American Qualifier 2 and is the second team to cement a spot in the Pro League, joining Dudes Night Out, winners of the North American Preseason Qualifier 1.

SXG cements spot in Apex Legends Global Series Pro League

The Apex Legends Global Series is having its Pro League qualifiers at the moment. The first two weeks of the qualifiers have concluded, and two teams have received a spot in the Pro League.

Congratulations to SXG! 👏
They’re the winners of the North American Preseason Qualifier #2!

Welcome to the #ALGS Pro League! 🎉

@SIlencedGolden | @TheSlurpeeG | @Xednim1

SXG was extremely consistent and had a solid couple of games to win the North American Qualifier 2, thus qualifying for the Pro League, where they will be joined by Dudes Night Out.

Here are the Final Lobby Standings for the NA #ALGS Preseason Qualifier #2 ✨

You’ve done well, legends 😎

SXG had a slow start and didn’t get the placement points they were looking for during the first 3 to 4 games but managed to rack up enough kill points to stay in the top 6 on the leaderboard. They won Game 5 and managed to get decent kill points to progress further in the rankings.

Teams like Benchwarmers, Noble, and SHEEEEEEESH were the favorites to win the qualifiers. Benchwarmers showed some moments of brilliance but ended up losing some fair 3v3 fights, which was quite unusual for the fans to witness.

SHEEEEEEESH’s roster consists of popular content creators like iiTzTimmy and Nicewigg, who are highly skilled players. But, the lack of experience was seen in the games as they struggled with their rotations and communication.

SXG held off strong teams, maintained their position, and won a good number of gunfights. Their decision-making and strong shooting got them the win. In the end, the consistent placements and a total of 35 kills made SXG the winners of the Apex Legends Global Series Preseason Qualifier 2.

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