3 ways Lamar Jackson proved doubters wrong vs. Colts

Perhaps one of Lamar Jackson’s greatest assets has always been underestimated. For years, pundits have predicted his demise. People have always gone on to say that this is the year the NFL defenses will figure out Lamar Jackson. That threat never materialized, though, and if Lamar Jackson’s performance against the Indianapolis Colts is any indication, there is not much to worry about in that regard in the immediate future. Lamar Jackson confounded his doubters yet again and he did so in a variety of ways.

Ways in which Lamar Jackson responded to his critics against the Indianapolis Colts

#1 – Passing volume

One criticism that has always been thrown in Lamar Jackson’s direction is apparently his over-dependence on the running game. Rushing does not pick up as many yards as passing on average, and that has led the Ravens to always face an issue in getting a large lead or clawing back a deficit.

Lamar Jackson flipped that belief on its head when he threw for over 400 yards. No less than 333 yards came in the second half and overtime alone, as the Baltimore Ravens came from behind to beat the Colts.

#2 – Passing accuracy

Not only did Lamar Jackson pass a lot, he passed better than any quarterback has ever done. Just to be clear, that is not hyperbole. He became the first quarterback ever to complete more than 85% of his passes when throwing for more than 400 yards.

Tonight, both Lamar Jackson and Carson Wentz joined Tom Brady as the only QBs to throw for 400+ yards with 0 INT in a game this season. https://t.co/12jupNybGb

Further, he did not throw a single interception in the game as he joined his compatriot on the other side, Carson Wentz, and the evergreen Tom Brady to become just the third player this season to throw for 400 yards in a game without interceptions.

#3 – Clutch mentality

While stats such as passing and rushing yards are easily quantifiable, mentality is something that is more difficult to measure. It is what sets champions apart from others. There are many players who can rack up the stats, but very few who can rack them up at the right moment.

The Baltimore Ravens had a 16 point deficit entering the fourth quarter. Nobody would have expected them to win from there, but Lamar Jackson had the wherewithal to lead his team to glory. To those who have ever doubted his ability to thrive under pressure, they cannot have any reason to doubt him any more.

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