Gabby Petito killing: Brian Laundrie’s sister calls out police 9 times after multiple death threats

The sister of wanted fugitive Brian Laundrie has been inundated with death threats since Gabby Petito went missing, police records show.

heriff’s deputies have been dispatched to the Florida home of Cassie Laundrie multiple times in recent weeks as “random people” have threatened to kill their family and kidnap their children.

Records obtained by WFLA-TV show Manatee County Sheriffs were first called to the home two days after Mr Laundrie went missing.

The sheriff’s call for service log shows Ms Laundrie’s husband, James, contacted police on September 19 to report “messages from random people”, including threats to kill the family and abduct his kids.

Sheriff’s deputies checked in on the family multiple times in the following weeks, including a report of “suspicious circumstances” on October 1.

Authorities also returned to the Lakewood Ranch home, about 40 miles from the Laundrie family home in North Port, to investigate reported sightings of the fugitive.

Police also responded to a confrontation with protesters at the Lakewood Ranch home, and again when people on their front lawn filmed Ms Laundrie pleading with them to leave her children alone.

“We’re not supposed to talk with anybody and you’re making my children cry,” she said.

Call logs on the Manatee County Sheriff’s website showed deputies have visited Ms Laundries home at least nine times.

Protesters have picketed outside the Laundrie family home in North Port for weeks taunting parents Christopher and Roberta Laundrie.

About 10 white laundry bins left on the lawn in protest were removed late on Sunday night, as seen in video captured by Fox News.

Last week a “Dirty Laundry” laundry basket was left on the lawn containing with detergent and the sign telling the family to “come clean.”

In another exchange caught on camera, a neighbour gets into a fight with a protester demanding they leave the street.

“You can sit here all you want with your megaphone. I don’t care, but you come on my property again, I’m going to f****** beat your a**,” the neighbour can be heard saying on the video. He was arrested and charged with battery.

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