“He’s literally following me” – Trisha Paytas reveals she was stalked by a ‘creepy’ man 

Controversial YouTuber Trisha Paytas recently took to TikTok, revealing that a stranger was stalking her, forcing her to leave the premises she was in at the time. In the video, she narrated the incident and appeared visibly panic-struck and uncomfortable.

In a video posted to her TikTok account, the overlaying text read:

“I was about to film a Tik tok and this guy banged on my car and started following me. After I said I wouldn’t roll down my window.”

Trisha Paytas narrated that she was attempting to film a TikTok video as the stranger began knocking on her car window, requesting to speak to his kids on his phone. She also mentioned that the stranger stalked her until she left the unrecognizable location.

Trisha Paytas has had an experience with a stalker in the past as well

This is not the first time the Mukbang YouTuber has narrated a horrifying stalker experience. In September 2020, Paytas took to the infamous Frenemies podcast and revealed an intruder had broken into her home.

The alleged incident took place on the YouTuber’s 32nd birthday where a stranger walked through her gates holding a firearm and professing his love for her. The armed man also told her that she would “die soon.”

During the podcast, Trisha Paytas also revealed that the stranger was accompanied by a child, but was sent to jail and soon then released due to Covid- 19 restrictions. Following that, the stalker returned to Trisha Paytas’ home in the wee hours of the morning.

The 33-year-old also revealed that the incident forced her to tighten her security. She said she hired 24-hour security but had to let them go due to the unbearable expenses.

While narrating her latest stalker incident, she said:

“Seriously if you come knocking on my door like it’s so creepy and demand that I talk to your kids. It is a man on a phone saying “roll down your window, roll down your window,” it’s not cool! I’m in my personal space. He’s literally following me.”

The YouTuber currently lives in a gated community, ensuring a safe neighborhood.

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