Brian Laundrie’s family confronted by protesters after autopsy as Gabby Petito’s parents collect her remains

Gabby Petito’s parents are flying to Wyoming just one day after Teton County coroner Dr Brent Blue revealed that their daughter was killed by manual strangulation. Ms Petito’s family will collect her remains after a weeks-long autopsy.

ccording to Dr Blue, Ms Petito died three to four weeks before her body was located on September 19. The coroner said that, under Wyoming state law, he could only release the manner and cause of death. All other details concerning the autopsy are not yet open to the public.

A private investigator has meanwhile suggested Ms Petito was asphyxiated. He came to this conclusion having seen a bodycam video with Utah police, involving Ms Petito and her fiance, Brian Laundrie.

In Florida, the parents of Mr Laundrie, who remains missing, were confronted by two furious protesters after details of the autopsy were published.

Two people banged on the door of Chris and Roberta Laundrie’s home and shouted taunts at the family before saying: “We’ll be back. Better speak up soon.”

A police manhunt for Mr Laundrie remains without leads after a Florida nature reserve was searched and there is believed to be only a 50pc chance the missing man is still alive, police have said.

Josh Taylor, a North Port Police spokesperson, told CNN that nothing significant linked to Mr Laundrie has been found in the 25,000-acre Carlton Reserve but said that searches will continue until police receive more information.

It comes as reality TV star Dog the Bounty Hunter, who involved himself in the search, said he was withdrawing from the operation after suffering an ankle injury.

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