Dominator ASP Prize Ride, 2x payout on special vehicle work, and more

After a brief delay, GTA Online’s weekly update for October 14, 2021 is finally live and has brought in a ton of fresh discounts. Following multiple weeks of substandard podium vehicles, the Dewbauchee Specter is a triumphant return to form on that front this week. The Sumo Adversary mode is paying out 3x GTA RP and cash this week as well, making for a fresh and viable game mode for players to enjoy. Here’s everything included as part of this week’s GTA Online update.

Everything new in GTA Online this week

New Content

  • Vapid Dominator ASP – Place top 3 in 6 LS Car Meet Series races to claim the Prize Ride.

Podium Vehicle

Bonus GTA$ and RP Activities

  • 3x GTA$ and RP on Adversary Mode – Sumo
  • 2x GTA$ and RP on Contact Missions – Gerald
  • 2x GTA$ and RP on Special vehicle work

Discounted Content

  • 40% off All Garages
  • 40% off Lampadati Casco ($ 542,640 / 408,000)
  • 40% off Vapid Clique ($ 545,400)
  • 30% off Jobuilt Hauler Custom ($ 980,000)
  • 30% off Declasse Moonbeam ($ 22,750)
  • 30% off Declasse Moonbeam Custom ($ 259,000)
  • 30% off Albany Primo ($ 6,300)
  • 30% off Albany Primo Custom ($ 280,000)
  • 30% off Declasse Yosemite Rancher ($ 490,000)
  • 30% off Vapid Slamtruck ($ 917,000)
  • 50% off Hydraulics – Benny’s Original Motor Works

Twitch Prime Bonuses

  • 65% off Lampadati Casco ($ 316,540 / 238,000)
  • 35% off Dinka RT3000 ($ 1,114,750 / 836,062.5)

Time Trial

RC Bandito Time Trial

Bonus on special vehicle work this week in GTA Online

Special vehicle work in GTA Online is paying out 2x cash this week along with Gerald’s contact missions. This adds up to around $30-40k worth of income every 10-15 minutes, certainly making for a good break from the Cayo Perico grind. After last week’s update rewarded players with 2x money on Special Cargo, Rockstar Games is mixing it up with shorter missions instead. Hop on to GTA Online this week to get huge discounts on Benny’s Custom vehicles like the Declasse Moonbeam and the Albany Primo as well.

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