Tony Khan names 5 wrestlers with huge potential

AEW has a number of future superstars, and Tony Khan recently named the five that he feels have the highest potential: Adam Cole, Hangman Adam Page, Darby Allin, MJF, and Sammy Guevara.

Despite signing legends like Bryan Danielson and CM Punk to full-time roles, AEW has not shifted its focus from the future. Sammy Guevara recently won the TNT Championship, Darby Allin is a former TNT Champion, and MJF is the biggest heel in the company.

Adam Cole is already a prominent part of the Super Elite, while Hangman Adam Page is the number one contender for the AEW World Championship.

The AEW boss appeared on Rasslin’ with Brandon F. Walker not too long ago, where one of the questions he was asked about was the signing of Adam Cole. This led to Tony Khan naming the five aforementioned stars as wrestlers with high potential.

“I think Adam Cole’s got as much potential and has as much of a chance to be the breakthrough number one star as anyone in all of wrestling right now. You talk about Hangman Page who’s got that same potential and a lot of other people; MJF and Darby Allin and a bunch of other people. Sammy Guevara, the TNT Champion, so many people,” Tony Khan said. (h/t: POST Wrestling)

Tony Khan compared AEW’s young stars to Chris Jericho and Eddie Guerrero in WCW

In keeping with valuing AEW’s future torchbearers highly, Tony Khan – in a different interview – likened MJF, Darby Allin, Britt Baker, and Jungle Boy to Chris Jericho and Eddie Guerrero in WCW.

“I think one of the mistakes WCW made in hindsight was they never got to see through the growth of their young stars. Even if the company had stayed in business, Chris Jericho was gone and Eddie Guerrero was gone. Can you imagine, the young equivalent of those people for me, like MJF, Darby Allin, Britt Baker, Jungle Boy, these people are really important and they are part of AEW long term both in my plans and literally under contract.”

Jericho and Guerrero were big parts of WCW’s cruiserweight division but the top brass did not see them as main event stars back then.

They were proven wrong in a big way as both Le Champion and Latino Heat became massive stars in WWE and have been considered as one of the all-time greats by many fans.

For Tony Khan to compare people in his company to bonafide pro-wrestling legends of that caliber further proves how much the Jacksonville Jaguars co-owner values them.

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