Former WWE star Lio Rush gives details of his new character in AEW

AEW star Lio Rush spoke to Alfred Konuwa of Forbes. Rush, who recently signed with All Elite Wrestling, was asked about his new LBO character.

Speaking about his new character, Rush said it was based on his real-life interest in investment. He said all his characters in wrestling were somewhat based on his real-life personality. Rush also mentioned his WWE character from back when he was managing Bobby Lashley:

“I’m always investing, my interest in investing is always there,” said Rush. “Whether it’s investing in other things, or investing in myself. I’m always trying to move forward, do better and grow. Anything that I do is always an extension of me in some capacity. Even stuff that I did when I was a manager.”

Lio continued and talked more about his real-life personality:

That loud, brash kind of person, that comedic factor about me. That’s in me. I’m not always like that, I’m a pretty cool, calm and collected kind of person. I don’t really talk that much, I think I’m an introvert, but it’s exciting to be able to show people different layers of me.”

Lio Rush on possibly working with Top Flight in AEW in the future

Lio Rush was also asked about possibly working with Team Top Flight as a trio. Rush was excited by the idea, saying it was a possibility when Darius Martin returns from injury:

“That’s definitely an exciting idea,” said Rush. “Something that is a huge possibility whenever Darius comes back and he’s all healed up, who knows? Who knows what’s going to happen within that time. But if it goes the way that you want it to go—and I’m sure a lot of other people who are watching it currently—I think it would be really cool to have all three of us together, that would be pretty dope.”

Lio Rush is set to team up with Darius Martin next week on AEW. Martin was in action last night on Dynamite, losing to Malakai Black despite a valiant effort.

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