Kevin Nash finally apologizes to The Rock 

Kevin Nash and The Rock have been on opposite sides in WWE many times in the past. Finally, it appears the duo has put their issues to bed.

Kevin Nash recently sent a Tweet out to the WWE Legend where he apologized for the person he was in WWE back in 2002.

Great day at Indiana Comic Con. Thanks NWO Nation for the strong showing. Fantastic hotel gym. Got arms and abs in. Thanks @TheRock for putting out these bad ass kicks. Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow I’ll hit my table at 10:30. Despite a nice wine list downstairs

The Rock responded to the above post to praise the WWE Hall of Famer for being able to get into such incredible shape and “raise the bar” before Nash responded with his version of an apology.

Nash apologized to The Rock on Twitter
Nash apologized to The Rock on Twitter

The Rock made it clear there was no need to apologize since he was “living in the house that you (Nash) helped build.” The former WWE Superstar wanted them to work together more and make lots of money.

@RealKevinNash I wanted us all to link up and make a lot of 💰(for us and the whole roster). WM18 was huge and a career highlight for me.
As was our big Mania buildup when we had a chance to have fun and rumble. It was a great time in our business! Wish we could’ve worked more! NWO4L 🥃

What happened between The Rock and Kevin Nash in 2002?

The tweets reference 2002 as the year that Nash had some issues. It was the year that the former star returned to WWE as part of the NWO.

Never forget when @TheRock flamed Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan after nWo introduced themselves(via @WWE)

Nash left the company in 1996 after a decent run as ‘Diesel.’ When he returned to WWE in 2002, The Rock was one of the biggest stars. The latter feuded with the group before facing ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania X8.

There are several stories regarding backstage issues in WWE at the time. Given that Nash was a huge star in WCW, it would make sense for him to be disheartened to see The Rock rise in WWE in his absence.

Whatever the issue, it appears that both men have now put everything behind them in an interesting Twitter exchange.

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