The Godfather shares why The Rock stopped traveling with him

WWE Hall of Famer the Godfather recently appeared on It’s My Wrestling Podcast and spoke about a hilarious incident with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson during their time in Nation of Domination.

The Godfather mentioned that The Rock has always been nice to work with. He never thought that Johnson would become a blockbuster star back when they formed the Nation of Domination.

The Hall of Famer recalled why The Rock stopped traveling with him. The Godfather disclosed he would often light a joint in the car, leading Johnson to smell like cannabis when he went for media interviews.

“I smoke a lot of cannabis and always have. I’ve never hidden that fact and it was nice to be on TV letting people know. And of course I would get in the car the first thing I would do is I’d spark up a joint. The Rock would do a lot of interviews and appearances, and he’d show up there like, ‘We didn’t know you smoked weed.’ He goes, ‘I don’t smoke weed.’ You said that last time we saw you but every time we see you smell like weed! He’s like, I can’t ride with you!” said the Godfather.

The Nation of Domination propelled The Rock to superstardom in WWE

When The Rock debuted in WWE as the first-ever third-generation superstar, fans quickly turned against him. He later embraced his heel persona by aligning himself with the iconic Nation of Domination.

The Nation of Domination was the greatest wrestling faction EVER & u can’t change my mind

Alongside the likes of Faarooq, D’Lo Brown, and The Godfather, The Rock came into his element and later became the leader of the group. Mark Henry also joined the faction shortly afterward. During this time, The Rock started his legendary feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin and won the Intercontinental Championship.

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