Top 5 tips to improve rotations and win matches in Free Fire

Rotating is a very important skill in Free Fire. It’s not useful for just moving about and looting, but also for a number of strategic decisions that will help players win more matches in-game.

While this is a difficult skill to master, as it depends on situational decision making, there are a few tips that players can use to improve their in-game rotations; make it easier to secure more Booyahs.

Top 5 tips to improve rotations & win matches in Free Fire

5) A perfect landing makes all the difference

One of the most important tips to improve rotations in Free Fire is knowing where to land. Landing in the right location will make it easier for players to not only find good loot during the early game, but be able to move about with ease.

Landing on the edges of the map or in locations that offer very little natural cover could spell disaster for players. Without a good secure landing spot, rotating during matches can become very difficult.

4) Look for high ground or natural cover when planning a rotation

Before planning a rotation during a Free Fire match, players need to properly plan out their next move. Rotating is not about moving from just place to place, but about moving from one strategic location to another.

When attempting to rotate, players need to ensure that they are moving to high ground or an area that has natural cover. If none of the above is available, then players can simply move to the next location that they feel is good.

3) Stock enough gloo walls and smoke grenades

During rotations in Free Fire, players often come under attack from opponents that may be nearby. However, this shouldn’t be an issue if players have stocked up on gloo walls and smoke grenades.

Using these two tactical items, players can easily avoid taking damage; keep rotating to gain a strategic position without much worry. When opponents see that players are well equipped to deal with the surprise attack, they often stop shooting to conserve ammunition.

2) Knowing when to rotate is essential to winning the match

Apart from knowing how to rotate in Free Fire, knowing when to rotate is of the utmost essence. Often players engage opponents and then try rotating in the middle of a fight. This will only end in disaster, as pressure would have been taken off the opponents, allowing them to heal or counter-attack freely.

Players should always ensure that they rotate and get into a position before committing to action. While rotating during a fight will be needed at times, that’s a different scenario altogether.

1) Micro rotations in the end zone matter a lot

During the end zones of Free Fire, staying in one place or camping is not ideal. Opponents can easily pin players down in place and cause them to take damage once the safe zone shrinks.

To win more matches, players need to commit to micro rotations within the end zones. Although the process may seem risky, getting into a better position will matter a lot; increasing the chances of a Booyah!

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

Q. Do you rotate during every Free Fire game?

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