“You just got to be ready for when they call your number”

Carmelo Anthony has said that he needs to be ready, possibly even coming off the bench, whenever the LA Lakers require his services.

Anthony was one of the key acquisitions made by the LA Lakers in the 2021 offseason. After reviving his career with the Portland Trail Blazers, Anthony proved that he still has enough in the tank to make another run at the NBA title.

Pairing up with his NBA draft-mate LeBron James in the Purple and Gold, Anthony put his skills on display for the side during the preseason. After a loss to the Sacramento Kings to end the preseason, Anthony discussed his role with the LA Lakers. Considering the possibility of coming off the bench in the Lakers’ rotation, Anthony said:

“I think by the time Game 1 is here, we will know, like I will know, everybody will know kind of what their situation is, what their role is. Right now, we just play. I don’t know. But I know what I have to do. I don’t know whether I’m starting or coming off the bench, but I know what I have to do.”

When asked about his thoughts on having a solid starting rotation, Carmelo Anthony added:

“I think so. For some people, some people they need it, some people they don’t. You just got to be ready for when they call your number, you got to be ready. But for me, it’s kind of hard to think about that at this point.”

Entering his 19th season in the NBA, Carmelo Anthony has seldom come off the bench. While the sudden change in dynamic and role can be jarring for most players, Anthony embraced that role well during his stint with the Trail Blazers.

Emerging as a solid veteran scorer off the bench, Anthony aims to be as effective for the Lakers as well.

Is Carmelo Anthony more suited to come off the bench?

Carmelo Anthony warms up ahead of an LA Lakers game.
Carmelo Anthony warms up ahead of an LA Lakers game.

The LA Lakers acquired a number of talented veterans during the offseason. While that is an advantage, as it provides significant depth in the lineup, it also creates issues with regards to finalizing a solid roster.

Carmelo Anthony stands at an odd point in this situation. Having started two games for the LA Lakers in the preseason, Anthony showed he has the legs to play significant minutes for the side.

However, the decision to run with a lineup depends on whether Anthony Davis starts at the 5 or not. If Davis starts at 4, it is more than likely Anthony will have to come off the bench.

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While the subject of starting lineups continues to evolve, depending on matchups, Anthony could be better off seeing time off the bench. His scoring ability against second units would make him a nightmare for opposing teams. That would definitely be an asset for the LA Lakers as they look to make a title run this season.

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