Cube Town reveal, The Queen secret skin, Fortnitemares skins and more

Fortnitemares is right around the corner for Fortnite players, so they anticipate what will be one of the best times of year in Fortnite. Fortnitemares is routinely a popular time of year for the game, but this year, even more so. There are tons of rumored updates, skins, and more coming soon.

v18.21 will be dropping tomorrow, but players can know what to expect when the update goes live. Here are the biggest features that are likely coming in the next update.

Fortnite v18.21 early patch notes: Secret skin, Cube Town and more

According to ShiinaBR, there are going to be quite a few additions coming in the next update. It’s a routine, standard update, but it’s looking like it might be a pretty big one.

Content to expect in v18.21: (Fortnitemares Week 3)- New Fortnitemares skins
– Cube Town POI?
– The Queen reveal? (Hidden BP Skin)
– Fortnitemares Challenges (FREE REWARDS)
– New Fortune Cards
– Next Funding? (Combat Shotgun VS Boogie Bomb)
– “Horde Rush” Mode
– And even more!

Naturally, this update will kick off Fortnitemares, as there are only two weeks left until Halloween, and Fortnite does not want to miss out on that. There will more than likely be several Fortnitemares skins released with the update.

Cube Town, a new POI, could also be arriving. This could likely be why all the cubes have been migrating towards the center and the yellow cube. The center of the map is constantly changing, and this would be no surprise.

All the cubes have been moving towards the center (Image via Epic Games)
All the cubes have been moving towards the center (Image via Epic Games)

Additionally, the Cube Queen skin will likely be revealed, especially if a Cube Town POI is added. She could be the NPC for that location, as well. Either way, it’s a great time to reveal the secret skin this season finally, so that’s possible tomorrow.

@NecropoIix @ShiinaBR All of the cubes will be around The Aftermath at their final stop at 4am tomorrow morning. The gold cube has been there zapping the water for a week already. The queen is set to reveal soon too. I don’t think they’re going to wait until the 26th to have Cube Town show up.

Obviously, with Fortnitemares comes challenges. They’ll revolve around the new additions and probably the Sideways since Cube Monsters can be found there, too. Free rewards and lots of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 XP will likely be available with them.

The following funding mission will be likely added since the last one is finished, with the Combat Assault Rifle being the victor. A new mode is also rumored and is called Horde Mode, which likely has a lot to do with the Cube Monsters.

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