Brian Cage on major scrapped plans of feud with Tessa Blanchard before leaving IMPACT Wrestling

Brian Cage recently revealed that he would have been involved in a heated feud with Tessa Blanchard if he hadn’t left IMPACT Wrestling for AEW.

Cage has seemingly lost in the shuffle since joining Tony Khan’s promotion. However, that doesn’t mean The Machine hasn’t tasted success in any other company. His two-year stint with IMPACT Wrestling (2018 – 2020) was arguably the most successful period of his career. Brian Cage was tearing the house down against top-tier stars like RVD and Sami Callihan. He even became the IMPACT World Champion and held the title for 180 days.

While speaking with Dynamite Download, Brian Cage stated that if he had stayed with IMPACT Wrestling, he would have turned heel on the then-World Champion, Tessa Blanchard. He added that plans were in place for him to win back the coveted prize.

“If I had stayed with Impact instead of going to AEW, I was going to turn heel and that would have been my perfect heel character because I was going to come out and celebrate with Tessa, and then I was going to take her head off. That was going to be a feud with Tessa, I would get my win back and the title from her,” said Cage.

The AEW star further explained that he always wanted to embrace a compelling heel character. Cage stated that he prefers to be a babyface, given the restrictions imposed for the heel to do less flashy maneuvers.

“I’ve never been able to be this heel. Every time I’ve been a heel, it’s always to be the strong, silent, meathead, high school bully kind of heel. I fit the role, obviously, but it’s so stereotypical and vanilla to me. There aren’t different things you can do with it. I enjoy being a face because I like the excitement, intensity, and I can do more of my flashy moves. I’m not one who always buys into, ‘you can’t do that move because you’re heel,” Brian Cage said. (h/t Fightful)

Brian Cage’s wife recently slammed AEW for underutilizing her husband

Brian Cage is currently among the underutilized talents in AEW. Not too long ago, her wife, Melissa Santos, took to Twitter to rationalize the same. The aftermath saw a massive stir on social media, with fans coming in to support Brian Cage.

The situation for the AEW powerhouse hasn’t changed at all. He was recently involved in an underwhelming feud with Team Taz, which saw Ricky Starks take away his FTW title.

Given his size and ability to dismantle opponents, AEW is missing out on an opportunity to make Brian Cage the biggest heel in the company.

Do you think Brian Cage vs. Tessa Blanchard could have been an exciting feud? Sound off in the comments section below.

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