Ex-Champion gets called “annoying,” Backstage note on the Charlotte Flair situation, Sasha Banks’ bold claim (October 25, 2021)

We’re back with another exciting edition of WWE News and Rumor Roundup. A SmackDown Superstar got called “annoying” by their recent opponent on Talking Smack.

There have been a couple of reports of backstage heat on Charlotte Flair. What is WWE’s general view of this situation at the moment? Meanwhile, Sasha Banks has given her take on the company’s current women’s division.

Today’s roundup also features details on Roman Reigns kicking a superstar out of the locker room in the past, as well as the reason why a new main roster star didn’t wrestle on SmackDown last week.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at these recent stories:

#5 Drew McIntyre highlights how “annoying” Sami Zayn has become in WWE

In his first televised WWE SmackDown match since November 2020, Drew McIntyre emerged victoriously against Sami Zayn. The two-time Intercontinental Champion has earned a reputation for being an annoying presence on television lately, and McIntyre commented on this – in character – during Talking Smack.

He acknowledged that the Canadian superstar used to be a class act before turning into “the most annoying man on planet Earth” in 2021.

“I went out there and issued an open challenge, and Sami Zayn accepted. I mean, Sami is a guy that I remember for a long time thinking, what a great wrestler, and how sympathetic is this guy? He doesn’t have a bad bone in his body. Fast forward to 2021, more specifically tonight, where he is the most annoying man on planet Earth. And everybody – me, everyone in the locker room, my dad, my dad’s friend, his dog, his dog’s sister’s cousin’s uncle – we all can’t stand Sami Zayn, and we’re all very happy, I’m sure, that I kicked his head almost off his body,” said Drew McIntyre.

Zayn’s conspiracy theorist gimmick has made him one of the more interesting WWE Superstars in modern times.

While you won’t see him in the top title picture every week, his flair for entertainment makes the mid/low-card scene a lot more intriguing.

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