3 Stocks for the Post-Pandemic Biotech Boom

Andrea Jankelow Andrea Jankelow
October 25, 2021

Pfizer or Moderna? J&J or AstraZeneca?  Before Covid, when was the last time you asked someone what kind of vaccine they got?

The pandemic has revolutionized medicine and biotech — and investors have seen a huge profit as a result. BioNTech has increased more than 22X in just two years. Moderna is up over 28X in the same time period.

Industry insiders now believe the pandemic has sped up the emergence of the biotech sector by as much as a full decade.

We at The Motley Fool have traditionally shied away from biotech stocks because they were unpredictable. But we truly believe this is one of the best new sectors for investing right now.

The Wall Street Journal even said, “Just as the digital revolution drove innovation in the last half of the 20th century, the biotech revolution will drive the first half of the 21st century. Children who study digital coding will be surpassed by those who study the code of life.”

Suffice it to say biotech will be big-money-maker stuff. But many investors believe that it’s too  complex to even try to wrangle, which means a lot of these lesser-known biotechs often remain undervalued for a very, very long time…

In fact, the majority that aren’t vaccines have gotten beaten down over the past year, leading to attractive entry points — if you know where to look.

Our team of analysts over at Rule Breakers — the same team that predicted Mercadolibre in 2009 (up 10,544%), Tesla in 2011 (up 14,362%), and Shopify in 2016 (up 6,683%), have identified three biotech stocks that we think are set up for explosive growth in the coming years.

One of them, an out-of-favor underdog, was into messenger RNA (mRNA) long before mRNA was cool. New things in the pipeline have it lined up to be a possible breakout star at a bargain price.

Another pick presents remarkable potential upside for growth due to their monopoly over the market for one particular chronic illness (and patents that don’t expire for a long time). They are also beginning to grow into new medical sectors. Investors here will find a solid steady-state business at what we think is an undervalued price, with room to grow and take on so much more.

Our analysts’ third pick includes two of the hottest words in biotech right now: antibodies and cancer. But they’ve got the science and medicine to back up the buzz — in fact, they even have a new drug under FDA review, which could mean an increase in profits for years to come.

We have all the details on these stocks in our new Biotech Report, available for free to members of Rule Breakers. And with our 30-day full money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose. If the service is not right for you, no sweat — but you’ll get to keep the report (and information on the three stocks we reveal inside) as our gift to you.

For information on how you can join Rule Breakers — and learn about why we think these three stocks are going to be breakout winners in a post-Covid world — simply enter your email address below.

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