What college did Megan Thee Stallion go to? All about her degree as rapper shares graduation announcement 

Singer-songwriter and rapper Megan Thee Stallion recently graduated from her university with a bachelor’s degree in health administration. The 26-year-old star took to Instagram to share snaps of herself graduating with a customized square academic ‘mortarboard’ cap. The cap carried the text: “Real Hot Girl Sh*t.”

Previously, while hitting back at hate tweets, Megan mentioned that she would be graduating in the fall. Furthermore, in a June 2020 interview with PEOPLE, the three-time Grammy winner clarified that the motivational factor behind her pursuing the degree was the women in her family.

She said:

“I want to get my degree because I really want my mom to be proud.”

Her mother Holly Thomas passed away in March 2019 after suffering from brain cancer.

2021 finna graduate college 🎓 Taking my grad pics today 🥺😍 https://t.co/3F7ShLOH3f

During the interview, Megan Thee Stallion also added:

“My grandmother that’s still alive used to be a teacher, so she’s on my butt about finishing school. I’m doing it for me, but I’m also doing it for the women in my family who made me who I am today.”

Where did Megan Thee Stallion graduate from?

After finishing her schooling at Pearland High School, the singer reportedly started her college education in the early to mid-2010s. She attended Prairie View A&M University in Texas. However, Megan started receiving fame when she uploaded rap videos while studying, and the singer had to temporarily halt her education after her career took off.

She later transferred to Texas Southern University, from where she graduated. Megan Thee Stallion (born as Megan Jovon Ruth Pete) reportedly attended online classes at TSU for her degree. In the aforementioned reply to a tweet, the Texan mentioned her plans to start her own assisted-living medical facility.

Here’s how Megan Thee Stallion’s followers reacted to the news of her graduation

Several of her followers congratulated the singer on graduating with a bachelor’s degree even after her career as a Grammy-winning artist.

@theestallion Before I knew it was Meg. I use to help her transfer her credits to TSU every semester in the bell building! Sis use to walk in saying “friend” like that was the magic word, but it was ! She was just so positive& friendly, I had to help her. I’m so proud! You did it @theestallion

@theestallion Aww I’m Sooooo proud of you Megan!!!!! 🙏🏾😍 you stuck through and got the degree!!! ❤️❤️💯 https://t.co/lyIjfzJjqN

@theestallion girl now how tf did u find the time to go to college 🤦🏽‍♀️ i can barely make assignments and i don’t even got a job https://t.co/7Vi4KopPFg

@theestallion Not me tearing up 🤯🤦🏾‍♀️ I actually started following you and listening to your music when I saw you were a college student. I was one then 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 now you graduating 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 omggg girl I need my ticket 😂

Megan Thee Stallion told PEOPLE in August that her college education has kept her humble. She said,

“School has kept me grounded…I might have an amazing night but knowing I have to finish a paper, project, or my homework to graduate keeps my head on straight.”

The singer started her college education at Prairie View A&M University and later attended a few community colleges before ending up at Texas Southern University. The singer has also previously talked about helping her peers with their careers after graduation.

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