Preston Vance wants a dream match against Miro

Preston Vance recently named former TNT Champion Miro as his dream opponent in AEW. Vance, just like every other wrestler, has a dream match that he wants to tick off from his bucket list.

While appearing as a guest on Dynamite Download, the Dark Order member expressed his desire to get in the ring with Miro. Although he wanted to face the Bulgarian star when the latter was holding the TNT Championship, he still intends to get a match with him.

Vance also wants to share a ring with Shawn Spears, given his iconic ’10’ chants. The Dark Order member also heaped praise on Darby Allin while recalling their recent bout:

“Miro is my dream match in AEW,” Vance said. “It was more so when he had the TNT title, so I wanted that match, but I still want to wrestle him. He’s my dream match in AEW. I also really want to wrestle [Shawn] Spears, just for the 10 chants. That’s the only reason. Then as far as people I’ve already been in the ring with, Darby is phenomenal to wrestle. I can’t say a bad thing about him.”

The Dark Order member has steadily risen through the ranks this year. He has maintained an impressive singles record of 14-3. Although he has come up short against top-notch stars like Darby Allin and Jon Moxley, the matches have helped him pick up quite a bit of steam lately. At 29, Preston Vance has a long career ahead of him, and if booked well, he could become one of the company’s top babyfaces in years to come.

AEW’s Preston Vance wants to avenge his loss against Jon Moxley

AEW star Preston Vance has put Jon Moxley on notice after suffering a brutal loss during their encounter on Dynamite last week. The former WWE Superstar ripped off Vance’s mask and bit his head, thus leaving him in unimaginable pain.

The Dark Order member didn’t just lose the match but also got eliminated from the AEW world title eliminator tournament. Preston Vance has now taken to Twitter to warn Moxley, notably stating that he would avenge his loss one day.

Would you like to see Preston Vance face off against Miro? What do you make of his thoughts on Darby Allin? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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