How tall is Xiao in Genshin Impact? Xiao’s height and more details

Genshin Impact is full of fun and interesting character designs, with the Vigilant Yaksha Xiao having a standout aesthetic that has brought him tons of fans. Many are patiently awaiting his return to the game’s featured banner and have been drawing tons of art and creating other tributes.

Surprisingly, Xiao might just be one of Genshin Impact’s shortest characters, despite his indomitable strength. Liyue is definitely safer with Xiao standing guard, but fans may be amazed to find out how tall he is in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: Xiao’s surprising height revealed


Thanks to measurements done by Twitter user catudon_1276, the heights of many of Genshin Impact’s playable characters have been determined. From pint-sized characters like Diona and Klee to huge warriors like Zhongli and Childe, Genshin Impact has a wide range of heights.

Some characters on the other hand fall more in the middle of the pack, with the teenage bodytype shared by characters like Bennett and Xingqiu, leaving them with respectable heights around 154 to 158 centimeters.

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Liyue’s hidden guardian Xiao, on the other hand is short, even for teenagers. Though he is far older than many of the game’s other characters, Xiao seems to have stopped growing pretty early. According to these calculations, he is actually the shortest male character in the game .

Coming in at 153.6 centimeters, Xiao measures up to five feet while remaining shorter than both Xingqiu and Chongyun. Even though he is certainly one of the game’s strongest characters both in the lore and during gameplay, he remains on the lower end when it comes to physical stature.

More about Xiao

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Even though Xiao maintains a covert presence, he certainly has left an impression on Liyue as a Conqueror of Demons and a common visitor at the Wangshu Inn. He enjoys Almond Tofu, and often looks out on the balcony of the upper floor of the inn.

Xiao doesn’t interact with people much, mostly because he feels his bloody past keeps him from fitting in well with humanity. His karmic debt also leaves a trail of darkness wherever he goes, so he finds it easier to remain in solitude as he fights for the people of Liyue. However, thanks to the Traveler, he has begun to somewhat open up.

Even though he may be one of the game’s shortest characters, he certainly makes up for it in power.

Genshin Impact’s characters are full of interesting tidbits and quirks, and Xiao’s true height may be quite a surprise for his fans.

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