Why Jon Moxley apologized to Mick Foley

Writing in his new book MOX, Jon Moxley recalled the time he apologized to Mick Foley for talking about his family on Twitter.

As part of a storyline in 2012, Foley and Moxley attempted to fool other WWE Superstars into thinking they had legitimate issues with each other. On one occasion, Foley warned Moxley in front of other members of the roster that he should never discuss his family.

Without a phone signal in Europe, Moxley tweeted about Foley’s family because he thought his rival wanted him to do just that. However, it turned out that the WWE legend had sent text messages asking him not to.

“When I returned to U.S. soil my phone lit up with messages, among them several long texts from Mick asking me what the f*** my problem was. I was mortified. I would never have said anything intentionally disrespectful or out of line with our story if not for the fact that that’s exactly what I thought he wanted me to do.

“I cursed my sh***y phone for blowing the biggest opportunity of my life. I profusely apologized, explained it was a misunderstanding, and we smoothed it over quickly, but there must be a lesson to be learned here about trying so hard to work other people that you end up not knowing what’s real and what’s not,” Moxley wrote.

That time Dean Ambrose confronted Mick Foley at the WWE hotel during WrestleMania weekend before he had debuted on the main roster. https://t.co/5UKVCOC2Ax

Although his feud with Jon Moxley had already started online, Mick Foley was unable to receive clearance from WWE doctors to wrestle. As a result, the storyline was nixed and never made it to television.

Jon Moxley was “crushed” he could not face Mick Foley

Finally had a talk with @TheDeanAmbrose . Unique type of cat. We’ll probably never exchange holiday cards, but it was good to clear the air.

According to Jon Moxley, Mick Foley thought he was an “a**hole” before he realized his rival had not seen the text messages he sent about his family.

Moxley added that Foley still wanted the match to happen even after speaking to doctors, but WWE ultimately decided to cancel the storyline.

“They couldn’t get Mick medically cleared. That was it. He was done. It was over. I was crushed. I don’t know the details of Mick’s evaluation, but I believe it was due to his history with concussions. Mick had tried. He suggested to the doctor we could work an entire match around his leg and play it safe as possible. ’Twas not to be,” Moxley wrote.

On reflection, Jon Moxley believes a dream match against Foley may have been a disappointment due to the scripted nature of WWE’s main-roster storylines.

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