GCW owner gives his opinion on Bray Wyatt’s wrestling future

It doesn’t sound like Bray Wyatt will be making any independent wrestling appearances following the end of his WWE contract.

GCW owner Brett Lauderdale was the latest guest on Wrestling Inc. Daily with Nick Hausman to discuss the rise of Game Changer Wrestling and what to expect next from them.

When asked if he’s had any talks with former WWE Champion Bray Wyatt, whose 90-day non-compete recently expired, Lauderdale confirmed that he had not spoken to Wyatt. Nor does he believe GCW is a company that Wyatt would be interested in competing for.

“I have never talked to Bray Wyatt, but my understanding is that I don’t know that our world is very appealing to Bray Wyatt,” Brett Lauderdale said. “I think that he’s not interested in making the rounds on the indies. That’s my understanding. I don’t mean any negative implication that he said anything because I’ve never spoken to him. From people I know, that he knows and whatever, it just doesn’t seem like it’s something that’s on his to-do list anytime soon.”

Where will Bray Wyatt show up next?

If Lauderdale is correct in the idea that Bray Wyatt has no interest in independent dates, logic would dictate that he must be heading to another national promotion if he chooses to continue his pro wrestling career.

This leaves Wyatt with a few options, including IMPACT, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and the heavy fan favorite of All Elite Wrestling.

Reports have stated that Wyatt has no real interest in signing with IMPACT Wrestling, which leaves New Japan and AEW, with the latter having a big pay-per-view next weekend with Full Gear in Minnesota. Perhaps Wyatt will be “All Elite” sooner rather than later. Only time will tell.

Where do you think Bray Wyatt will show up next? Is there a chance he might show up on AEW Dynamite this week? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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