Disco Inferno slams Tony Khan’s promotion for “botching” CM Punk’s run so far

Disco Inferno recently lashed out at AEW for CM Punk’s booking so far. He called it a ‘botch’ while suggesting how the company could capitalize on his star power.

Since arriving at Tony Khan’s promotion, The Straight Edge Superstar has pursued quite a different route. He has faced underutilized and rising talents instead of going up against the top-notch stars of AEW. While Punk has justified his booking, fans have felt somewhat disappointed over the same.

Speaking on a recent edition of the Keepin It 100 podcast, Disco Inferno expressed his desire to see Kenny Omega defeat Hangman Page at Full Gear and immediately kickstart a program with CM Punk. The WCW veteran believes ratings will continue to drop if Punk keeps wrestling in the mid-card division:

“I’m just saying he (Kenny Omega) should beat Page. And he should call out Punk. Punk’s stock is dropping. You don’t wanna work with him when he’s a penny stock. You wanna work with him when his stocks are worth something. I would absolutely have Punk versus Kenny Omega as the feud that starts immediately the night of going forward after he beats Adam Page if you want to heat up Punk. And if Punk just keeps wrestling the rest of these guys, the numbers don’t lie. Everybody’s noticing this, the numbers stink, and then you guys are talking about the demos everything,” said Disco Inferno.

A heel CM Punk run in AEW will be great. A heel CM Punk vs Face/golden Lover Kenny Omega rivalry is much needed https://t.co/aQTMbsFc6n

Disco Inferno even said that the company might have ‘botched’ Punk’s run so far. The WCW veteran felt Eric Bischoff was right when he said that the former WWE Superstar had under-delivered:

“Bro, the ratings have gone, you’re botching Punk. That’s an absolute story that the wrestling media should be talking about, collectively right now, but they’re not. And I’m like it’s because they cover for AEW and their booking sometimes, we agree this has been lame. So, Eric’s absolutely right.”

CM Punk finally seems to have a suitable opponent for AEW Full Gear

Despite all the witty remarks from wrestling veterans, CM Punk finally seems to be involved in a buzzworthy feud ahead of the Full Gear pay-per-view. The former WWE Superstar was rudely interrupted by Eddie Kingston backstage not too long ago.

Punk has now asked Kingston to apologize face-to-face in the upcoming episode of AEW Rampage. Given the ongoing storyline direction, both men might face each other for the first time at the upcoming marquee event. It will be interesting to see how their feud unfolds in the weeks to come.

Do you agree with Disco Inferno’s statement about CM Punk? Should the latter face Kenny Omega? Sound off in the comments section below.

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