Roman Reigns changes ‘bend the knee’ to ‘break the knee’, big return set up for next week

WWE SmackDown put up an excellent show this week. The biggest storylines on the Blue brand took exciting turns, the top superstars delivered amazing performances, and there were minimal complaints with the overall booking of the show. The writers also did well in hyping up the new talents who will feature on Friday nights in their new era.

Here, we look at the biggest hits and flops from the latest episode of WWE SmackDown. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

#5 Hit on WWE SmackDown: Roman Reigns puts Jimmy Uso to the test, King Woods outshines old rival

Roman Reigns returned on WWE SmackDown and kickstarted the show on a fantastic note. After addressing the events involving Brock Lesnar, he turned his attention towards The Usos. Jimmy and Jey Uso lost against The New Day last week, and Reigns wanted Jimmy Uso to make up for taking the pin. They were interrupted by King Woods and Sir Kofi, who walked out to deafening “New Day Rocks” chants.

The two poked fun at Roman Reigns’ current gimmick before throwing an intriguing challenge. They said that if Jimmy defeated Woods, the latter would acknowledge Reigns as the “Tribal Chief”. However, if the King won the match, Jimmy Uso would have to “bend the knee”. While The Usos refused to comply, Roman Reigns surprisingly accepted the challenge.

Fast forward to the main event that witnessed an epic clash between Woods and Jimmy. Both superstars pushed each other to their limits while the arena erupted in supportive chants. Jey Uso tried to help his brother, but the referee stopped him right in time. King Woods took advantage of the situation and secured a pinfall to pick up a massive win over The Bloodline member.

Following the match, everyone demanded Jimmy Uso to “bend the knee.” He seemed like he was close to doing that when Reigns entered the ring from behind and attacked The New Day. Following that, The Tribal Chief forced Woods to watch The Usos unleash a vicious attack on his friend as the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions ruthlessly targeted Kingston’s knees.

The incident will not sit well with The New Day, who are bound to get back at Roman Reigns and his entourage for their actions this week. However, one can’t deny that the turn of events made The Bloodline look like monstrous heels on the show. Could this also lead to an unexpected title feud with Reigns and Woods on the Blue brand?

King Woods snaps, Big E returns to WWE SmackDown next week?

King Woods came extremely close to beating Bobby Lashley not so long ago and thus can do well in a world championship picture. In addition to that, he is extremely over with the crowd, so he won’t be in desperate need of beating Roman Reigns to the title either.

But the angle could still work well in establishing the King as a top babyface when he takes on Reigns on WWE SmackDown.

Before that, we might see another New Day member have his say with Roman Reigns. The Universal Champion is bound to face WWE Champion Big E at Survivor Series. However, the attack on Kingston means that E will have a bigger motivation to take on The Tribal Chief.

Fans desperately wanted both superstars to face each other on WWE SmackDown before Big E moved to RAW. This could be a perfect way to give viewers what they want, and it might also lead to an epic six-man tag team match between The Bloodline and The New Day as we move closer to the Survivor Series.

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