How to claim the Arcane Poro Gun Buddy in Valorant for free from RiotX Arcane event

After celebrating the Sentinel of Light event collaboration with Valorant, the game has received yet another League of Legends universe crossover via the latest Netflix series titled “Arcane,” taking the fanbase by storm.

After bringing the Fishbone gun buddy to Valorant via Twitch drops on their global premiere, the Arcane Poro Gun Buddy is next on the line, arriving with the World of RiotX Arcane.

Valorant and League of Legends go hand in hand for being two of the most famous game titles developed by Riot Games. Riot celebrated the already established League of Legends universe with Arcane, their latest thriller Netflix series. To commemorate the release of Arcane, Riot Games is collaborating with multiple game titles, including Valorant, to bring rewards to the fanbase.

This article will give a short guide on how to get the new gun buddy.

How to redeem “Arcane Poro” gun buddy in Valorant

Unlike last time, Arcane Poro gun buddy cannot be redeemed via Twitch drop, however, this time it needs some exploration to get the gun buddy.

The World of RiotX Arcane is an online world created to explore the League of Legends universe as well as reward players for doing so. The Arcane Poro gun buddy was made available on November 7, 2021, and needs thorough exploration of the mini-game-filled universe.

For players wondering how they can enter the “World of RiotX Arcane” event, the steps to do so are as follows:

  • Step 1: Go to RiotX Arcane’s official website.
  • Step 2: On opening the main website, click on the “login” button in a blue shade.
  • Step 3: Players need to log in with their Riot ID associated with Valorant by filling up with their credentials.
  • Step 4: The main page of RiotX Arcane will open again with a “Explore Now” button.
  • Step 5: Click on the “Explore Now” and travel around the world of RiotX Arcane.

Killjoy here! Arcane is almost out and I needed to share my excitement somewhere. Soooo, I installed a harmless, minor, teensy-weensy little security bypass so I can do some posting on this account. See you soon! ❤️

Riot Games has created a fun way of giving away in-game items in a new and enjoyable online point-and-click adventure game style.

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