Free Fire diamond hacks are fake, and mods can lead to permanent ban

Diamonds are pretty valuable to Free Fire players for various reasons. For example, if they want to change their names, they must either spend the currency directly upon changing it or purchase a name change card. Besides that, diamonds are also required to obtain Elite Passes, characters, cosmetics, and more.

Clearly, the premium currency is precious. However, many players are put off by the fact that they must be purchased with real money.

Sometimes gamers are misled, and they resort to using illegal applications like unlimited diamonds mod. They should avoid them because their accounts may be banned.

Free Fire unlimited diamond mod is fake, and users should avoid them

There seem to be innumerable modified APK apps available online that allegedly claim to provide an infinite number of diamonds. However, gamers need to keep in mind that they are fake and may result in account suspension.

Usage of all such modified applications is considered cheating, and the anti-hack FAQ clearly states the following about it:

“Using any unauthorized third-party programs which are not released by Garena, modifying the game client, and/or playing in a modified game client in order to use functions that are non-existent on the official game.”

The game’s developers have a strict policy against those involved in cheating. They have mentioned that the accounts of those caught cheating will be permanently banned.

Garena also disclosed that devices used for cheating would be banned from playing Free Fire again from any other accounts.

Moreover, the modded version of Free Fire’s client poses a threat to the user’s device. They can contain malware, which can lead to loss of data and other issues.


Unlimited diamond mods are 100% illegal (Image via Free Fire)
Unlimited diamond mods are 100% illegal (Image via Free Fire)

To sum it all up, gamers have to avoid all modded applications to keep their accounts safe. Instead of using illicit applications, they can participate in events to get a variety of incentives at no cost.

Readers can otherwise also check out a guide on obtaining free diamonds by clicking on this link.

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