“Steph Curry has done something so uniquely different in our league”

Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry continues to be one of the most exciting players in the NBA. Curry has changed the game with his ability to stretch the defense with his lethal outside shooting ability. Not only has he become one of the most dangerous outside scorers in NBA history, but he’s also shown just how dominant he can be when it comes to his movement off the ball.

In a recent segment on NBATV, Hall of Fame point guard Isiah Thomas broke down how Curry shares some similarities to former NBA legendary shooter Mark Price. As Thomas goes into detail about both of the exciting guards, he talks about how both Price and Curry were sensational when it came to their versatility on the offensive side of the ball.

While Thomas praises what Mark Price did during his career with the Cleveland Cavaliers, he raves about how much Curry has gone on to change the league with his talent. He said:

“The greatest shooter, by far, is Steph Curry, he’s already got the stamp.”

“Steph Curry has done something so uniquely different in our league…”

Both Curry and Price were dangerous because of their quickness and speed. They both had the ability to cause chaos with their movement away from the ball, using screens to create windows for open shots and give opposing defenders headaches every night.

Thomas played against Mark Price during his era with the Detroit Pistons. Price was a shifty guard who went on to become a four-time All-NBA player and was lethal with his shooting ability.

During six years with the Cavaliers, Price went on to average 18.2 points and 8.2 assists, while shooting 48.7% from the field and 40.6% from downtown. In the chat with NBATV, Thomas went into detail about how Price was so difficult to stop because of his movement and ability to score at multiple levels.

Stephen Curry continues to change the NBA game

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry has the team firing on all cylinders
Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry has the team firing on all cylinders

Thomas asserts there’s no doubt that Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry has completely changed the game with his ability.

Thomas admits Price was more dangerous as a mid-level scorer, as the game of basketball was just starting to expand its offense to the three-point shot. Today, however, the three-point shot has become a focal point of offenses, and no player has been more terrifying from outside than Stephen Curry.

The NBA game continues to show an emphasis when it comes to floor spacing weapons and Stephen Curry offers the most firepower on a nightly basis from the point guard position.

Mark Price might have set the tone for how to use your quickness and off-ball movement to create scoring chances, but Stephen Curry has been teaching the basketball world a master class. For two of the game’s greatest shooters to ever play in the backcourt, it’s a fantastic comparison of two dangerous threats on the basketball court.

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