‘CSI: Vegas’ Season 1 Episode 7 “In the blood”: How the fans reacted

CSI: Vegas has garnered a solid amount of attention . Especially since the sequel to the original started airing. Viewers have praised the pacy storytelling, intense plot lines and great character development from the very start. However, it is always interesting to see how fans react to each episode.

Since the latest episode, titled “In the Blood” was released, fans have expressed a lot of emotions on Twitter, be it about the episode, about a character or certain scenes.

‘CSI: Vegas’ has a horse as the bearer of crime news

CSI: Vegas had a very interesting case at hand in this episode, investigating a horse covered in blood. The trail led the team through many layers, and finally to the suspects in a ranch and the alleged involvement of the “criminal” in an illegal horse breeding business.

As is usual practice, most fans reacted to the episode of CSI: Vegas both during the live air time, and afterwards, using humorous memes, gifs and comments. It has really become the main form of expression for commenting on a scene or a show. Some responses were really hilarious.

“What happened? Someone kill a unicorn?” Grissom never changes I love it!! A tonight’s episode. #csi #csivegas https://t.co/PnvpgivHTn

Follow the evidence literally straight from the horses mouth. I less than 10 minutes..#CSIVEGAS https://t.co/KeEHstsKzF

Max when the sheriff said that she tried to get info from the Hodges case from the other lab #csi #csivegas https://t.co/Dp0vXag92g

Grissom coming back to the pent house to tell Sara how his talk with Anson’s sisters went #csi #csivegas https://t.co/XqUtdZ7paK

Fans also took this as a chance to come up with their own theories. Especially about the larger plot of the series, the one involving Anson Wix (Jamie McShane) and his sister, whose appearance on today’s show seemed to set off many comments from Twitter fans.

Anson’s sister is probably his muse! She’s bat$#!+ crazy! 🤪 #CSIVegas #CSI

Other Twitter users also commented on Anna Wix (Eileen Grubba), Anson Wix’s sister. Comments like “She knows all about it,” “It’s definitely the sister” and “Sister’s nuts” have been all over Twitter since she appeared on the show today.

It is yet to be seen where the bigger plot will lead, surely unfolding before eager fans of CSI: Vegas very soon.

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