Big E says match with Roman Reigns is the biggest of his career

WWE Champion Big E says his upcoming match with Roman Reigns at Survivor Series will be the biggest of his career.

The two stars are slated to collide this Sunday night in the battle for brand supremacy. Big E will represent Team RAW while the Universal Champion will represent Team SmackDown.

Speaking to the New York Post, the WWE Champion stated that his bout with Roman Reigns will be a career-defining moment for him. He added that it’ll be an opportunity for him to prove that he can compete with the very best.

“It’s hard to be a bigger moment than becoming WWE champion, but this is the biggest match of my career,” said Big E. “We are talking about a main event for one of the big four pay-per-views. For me, it’s a massive opportunity to show what I can do against the very best. Roman Reigns is at the top of our industry. With all due respect to all the other champions in our industry, but man he’s had one incredible run and he’s been so wildly dominant. I’m excited to show what I can do, to have a banger of a match and be in the ring with the very best.”

Big E shares his thoughts on a potential long-term rivalry with Roman Reigns after Survivor Series

Big E and The Tribal Chief won’t just be battling it out at Survivor Series for brand supremacy. They will also be looking to settle their feud, which became personal after The Bloodline attacked King Woods and Kofi Kingston.

Big E said he would like the feud between New Day and The Bloodline to continue after Survivor Series.

“Yeah, it’s a nice contrast of styles which I love,” said Big E. “We’re very different with the way that we are on screen. Also the fact that we also came up in these three-man factions in The Shield and currently with The Bloodline and New Day. Also in many ways very different paths, but also kind of similar paths in that we started in FCW around the same time. There’s some parallels, we just kind of intersected here and there along the way. It just feels like a very natural way for us to continue a rivalry, even though we are on different shows. It’s a great opportunity for us to do singles stuff and also faction versus faction.”

The feud between the two factions has big potential, and it would be a mistake if it had to end at Survivor Series.

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