Elite QBs in awe of Cowboys star Trevon Diggs

Trevon Diggs is certainly leaving his mark in all the right places. He already has 8 interceptions in the NFL this season and that is causing opposing quarterbacks to sweat it out whenever they have to play him. With the best quarterback in the last two seasons joining in your praise along with the anointed replacement for Tom Brady in New England, you know you have certainly caught the attention of the right people. Both Patrick Mahomes and Mac Jones have been fulsome in their appreciation of Trevon Diggs because of the mark he has left on the league this season.

Trevon Diggs garners praise from Patrick Mahomes after Mac Jones

When the Dallas Cowboys rolled into town to take on the New England Patriots, Mac Jones was asked about Trevon Diggs. While Jones refused to be intimidated by Trevon Diggs, he had high praise for the cornerback.

“You can’t be afraid of anybody or anything like that. You just have to know where he’s at because you have to respect him (Trevon Diggs), respect his game, respect his knowledge.”

Mac Jones on Trevon Diggs: “Obviously you can’t be afraid of anybody, but you want to know where he’s at, respect his game.”

While Mac Jones was definitely trying to hide any hint of worry that may have cropped into his mind, it was nevertheless revealing to learn that the quarterback was thinking about a particular defender.

Now Patrick Mahomes has joined the Trevon Diggs bandwagon. Before the heavyweight game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Kansas City Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes singled out Trevon Diggs as the player he was most wary of. He said,

“I mean when you have that many interceptions that means you know what’s going on, you have an understanding of what the offense is trying to do so you definitely have to have an eye on him (Trevon Diggs) at all times. He’s going to wait for his opportunity and usually when he gets his hands on it, he ends up making the catch so definitely a great player, someone you have to pay attention to on every single snap and try to find ways that you can have success in either other places or on him in certain areas.”

Patrick Mahomes on Trevon Diggs: “Definitely a great player. Someone you have to pay attention to on every single snap.” https://t.co/Az465YuWkh

When you get into the heads of both Mac Jones and Patrick Mahomes, as a defender you know you are doing something right. It means that during the play, they are going to be extra-cautious throwing your way and thus decrease production on one side of the pitch. Trevon Diggs is helping the Dallas Cowboys start with a built-in advantage even before they take the field.

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