GTA News: GTA Trilogy bundle

Rockstar Games has decided to rerelease the original GTA Trilogy on the Rockstar Games Store.

Many fans were upset by the removal of these original games on digital platforms, so Rockstar Games is willing to put them back in their own store. Their initial removal was due to the new GTA Trilogy being released, but its disastrous launch caused a huge rift between the community and the developers.

Original GTA Trilogy set to arrive on the Rockstar Games Store as a bundle

Rockstar Games is aware of the technical issues plaguing the remastered GTA Trilogy. They first apologized to their fans for some of these problems. Furthermore, they know it’s not in a good place right now and want the game to be updated to a better state.

Rockstar Games also states that a new update is on its way for the GTA Trilogy, promising to keep fans updated on the news. The main piece of information from their recent Newswire post is that they will add the original GTA Trilogy (III, Vice City, and San Andreas) back to the Rockstar Games Store as a bundle.

Players who have already bought the new GTA Trilogy can get the old bundle for free (up to 30 June 2022). Rockstar Games is well aware of the outrage that fans have for removing these games from digital retailers. Apparently, they were cognizant of some fans still wanting to purchase those games.

The GTA Trilogy had a disastrous launch, but what’s next?

Fans can buy the old games again on the Rockstar Games Store soon (Image via Rockstar Games)
Fans can buy the old games again on the Rockstar Games Store soon (Image via Rockstar Games)

The old GTA Trilogy is not on the Rockstar Games Store yet, but they will be there “shortly.” No price range is listed on their apology post, although it is stated that those who recently bought the GTA Trilogy can get it for free (until 30 June 2022).

It’s worth noting that the original GTA Trilogy is only returning to PC for the moment. There are no updates on if it will return to digital retailers for other platforms in the future.

The upcoming updates that Rockstar Games wishes to focus on are related to the technical side of things so that fans can expect some annoying glitches and optimization fixes in the future. There is no time or roadmap regarding when fans can expect it to happen.

Aside from this news, Rockstar Games also urges fans not to bully the development team over these issues.

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