“He then picked me up and threw me into my TV”

Former NFL and AAF star Zac Stacy has come under fire after a video surfaced where he is seen assaulting his ex-girlfriend.

Who is Zac Stacy’s ex-girlfriend Kristin Evans?

Kristin Evans, the mother of Zac Stacy’s child, has filed a restraining order against the former St. Louis Rams running back after being assaulted by him. The incident reportedly occurred on Saturday at Evans’ home. In the video, Zac Stacy and Kristin Evans are having an argument. Stacy proceeded to strike Evans in the face and then again in the back of the head. He starts to retreat to the front door, but doubles back and literally tosses her from the couch and across the living room into a television. She fell to the floor, and the television fell on top of her.

From another angle, Zac Stacy stands over Kristin Evans and continues to berate her and hit her in the face with some sort of substance or food. He picks her up to her feet and slams her into their child’s walker on the floor (to best describe it, it’s as if he was The Rock in WWE delivering a Rock Bottom). Zac Stacy walks out of the home, leaving Evans a mess on the floor and their child crying just feet away. It’s such a horrific scene to watch, and the video could be disturbing to some viewers.

Former NFL running back Zac Stacy beating on his ex-girlfriend in front of their 5-month-old…https://t.co/ovafFHxrCl

Kristin Evans called the police, but Zac Stacy had already fled the scene and has not been found. Evans released a statement in documents obtained by TMZ on her account of the incident.

From her story, Zac Stacy arrived at Evans’ home to visit his son before turning violent.

“He punched me several times in the head. I begged him to stop because the baby was on the couch just a few feet from where he punched me. He then picked me up and threw me into my TV. The TV began to fall, and he turned to make sure I wasn’t getting up. As I laid on the floor, he began to yell at me, telling me, ‘I’m destructive.’ He then picked me up off the floor and off my feet and body slammed me into our son’s bouncy seat. I fear for my life and my children’s lives.”

Kristin Evans was apparently treated for a head injury while at the hospital.

I’m not retweeting the video but ZAC STACY NEED TO BE THROWN UNDER THE JAIL. Any man that puts his hands on a woman is a coward. Can’t believe what I just saw.

As for Zac Stacy, his current location is unknown. With the video evidence, there will surely be a warrant out for his arrest. Zac Stacy is facing two felony charges at this time. He has zero support from the NFL, as many players are calling for him to go to jail immediately. Robert Griffin lll, Davante Adams, and Chris Long took to Twitter to voice how disgusted they were with Zac Stacy and his actions, calling for him to go to prison.

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