How to use Theater Mode in Halo Infinite

First introduced in Halo 3, Theater Mode returns with all of its creative glory in Halo Infinite.

Theater Mode can be used for so many things. Pro players can rewatch them to understand enemy tactics or fix mistakes they make. It can be used to capture incredible moments or snap breathtaking screenshots.

If you want to see your Spartan looking cool in a Ghost or replay an epic Overkill, you’ll want to find Theater Mode in Halo Infinite. You just need to go to the Community section at the main menu.

How to find Theater Mode in Halo Infinite

A look at Theater Mode in Halo Infinite. (Image via 343 Industries)
A look at Theater Mode in Halo Infinite. (Image via 343 Industries)

Theater Mode in Halo Infinite is not hard to find at all. From the game’s main menu, you’ll see a few different options. Community is where you will want to head.

The first choice in the Community section will be Theater. This is where you can choose from your recently played matches or view any of your saved clips or screenshots.

Halo Infinite’s Theater mode has some dope new features. One I love is being able to view stats prior to re-watching a match, making it easier to look for specific games. You can also browse an in-game timeline for specific medals/objective moments

Pick one of your past Halo Infinite matches and then choose the Watch Film option. This will start the replay of that match. It could take a while for the replay to load and the gameplay to begin, so don’t worry if it doesn’t happen immediately.

Once you are in the match replay, the Theater Mode in Halo Infinite is all yours. There are tons of controls available that let you find that incredible moment and make it look even better.

You can rewind and fast forward, select a player for the camera to follow, remove outlines and HUD details, swap between camera views, switch to free mode, and so much more.

There are icons near the timeline that allow most of these options to happen. Also, these icons on the timeline itself will mark important in-game events like kills or flag capture.

Thankful that Halo has a theater mode! Getting my thumbs use to controller again excuse my messy aim..

However, the Theater Mode in Halo Infinite does not currently allow for uploading photos or videos outside of the game. It isn’t actually a recording of the game. It is a recreation in the game’s engine.

You will need to use a recording software on your PC or the options available on Xbox to take screenshots or save a clip.

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